How To Make Your Budget-Friendly Clothes Look Expensive


We all want to have expensive and fashionable clothes in our wardrobe. Sometimes, it is not easy to afford every single fashionable cloth.

Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks to make your affordable clothes look amazing and attractive. Some of the top techniques are described below. Take a look at the following tips and implement them:

1. Customize Your Clothes

Adding iron patches to your clothes from 4incustompatch is an easy way to make them look more stylish and trendy. You can customize them in any way and size you want. They’re easy to attach with iron which makes them ideal for use. 

T shirt screen printing is a quite affordable technique to make your simple clothes trendy and expensive as well. Similarly, you can also customize your other clothes and make them look attractive in a new way.

2. Change The Button

Take out the old-style basic button and replace them with new style richer look buttons such are metal, bone, or pearl integrated buttons. You can purchase trendy buttons from various e-store or local shops.

Also, you can take out the stylish button from the old apparels which you do not wear anymore. If you don’t know how to do it, then you can take it to your tailor. He will do it in just a few bucks. MarketBusinessTimes

3. Wear Cloths In Good Condition

You should always wear your apparels in good condition so that they look like a new one. For instance, if you see a stain on your clothes and you can not take it out by yourself, then you should take it for dry cleaning.

If the stain does not remove even after dry cleaning, then you should donate it. If you observe the loose thread, immediately deal with it. When people will notice it, then they will find that your clothes are not new.

4. Tailored Clothes

You can make budget-friendly clothes look expensive by simply doing a couple of stitches. Problem with the budget-friendly clothes is that they are not appropriately fit. By hiring a tailor who can do a little stitching can make your budget-friendly clothes look expensive.

In this way, you can easily make your budget-friendly clothes look quite attractive and fashionable. Before buying any clothing, always keep in mind that simple clothes are easy to tailor.  

5. Avoid Too Much Washing

If you want to keep everything clean, then washing may be your choice. But, excessively washing your clothes will lead to excessive wear and tear. Therefore, you should avoid washing your clothes too much. The harsh cleaning solution can fade the color of your clothes and make them look cheap.  

6. Invest In A Steamer

Wrinkles can make your garments look cheaper. But doing iron is quite complicated. To get rid of this hassle, you should invest in a steamer. A good quality steamer can help you to get rid of wrinkles easily and instantly.

Also, it is perfect for removing wrinkles from silk clothing. You should use the steamer the night before so that the cold air can help in neutralizing the lingering odor.  

7. Learn Styling Tricks

Looking fashionable is not just based on the clothes or attire, but it is also based on the styling tricks. You should learn the ways to style your old clothes in such a way that they look attractive. You can also wear a corset to add that extra oomph to any outfit you wear.

How about styling all over print shirts pairing with bell-bottom jeans and high heels. It will help you to embrace a feminine look. You can create the style statement by pairing the right upper with the right bottom and accessories.

8. Save On Basic And Spend On Statement Pieces

The best way to create the style statement by spending less is to purchase budget-friendly basic clothing. You can make basic clothing look expensive by spending on statement accessories. For instance, your old plain dress can look expensive by pairing a statement necklace with it.

9. Choose Black Color Dresses

Earthy colors such as brown, mauve, olive end up looking sad and dingy, especially when they are worn in printed or low-quality materials. These will look like cheap garment. Therefore, we recommend you choose black over brown. Black is a saturated color that will create a bright and crisp texture.

10. Smooth Silhouette

Avoid wearing ill-fitting clothes because they can make your expensive garments look bad. Therefore, you should never purchase uncomfortable or ill-fitting clothes.

Therefore, you should try at least once before purchasing any apparel. It will let you know that whether you are investing in the right clothes or not.


By follow the above-mention tips and tricks, you can easily make your budget-friendly clothes look like new ones. When you will follow these tips, you will invest less and look fashionable.

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