How to Make Your Own Animation Online (Free & Paid)

How to Make Your Own Animation Online

In recent years a rise in animation demand has been observed for drama, cartoon, marketing, and educational systems. Now there is no need to hire an animator, you can create your animation without emptying your wallet or any skills. All you need is an efficient animation tool. 

Doratoon – The Best Animation Maker

The animation market is full of online working tools but not all are reliable and worthy enough. Doratoon with its incredible features and high visual qualities has a distinct position among cartoon makers. 

It offers a user-friendly interface and an easy-to-perform process so anyone can create their animation without any external help. That’s the reason it is so popular among beginners or people who are not good at video editing. 

It is not just an animation maker but it also works as a video editor. Its advanced features are helpful to make a custom animation for higher relatability. It lets you convert your ppt slides into animated videos, and add subtitles, audio, pictures, clips, and many more to your content. 

When you go to its official website here you will find unlimited prepared templates regarding different fields and topics. For instance, you will find templates for virtual invitations, classroom presentations, or marketing ideas related. These templates will make your own animation character easy, fast, and productive. All you need to do is choose a template and then edit it. 

How to Make Your Own Animation Online With Doratoon?

As mentioned earlier, Doratoon is one of the animation makers that offers all of its features and lets you make your own animation even if you are not a skilled person. It offers a direct way to make animation. For your guidance a step-by-step guide is provided here: 

Step 1. Sign Up 

To access the features and the templates the Doratoon provides you need to create your account. To do so go to the official website of Doratoon and hit the sign-up button. 

Step 2. Create Your Animation 

After signing up go to the Workbench tab and here you will find the “+Create” button at the top of the left pane. It will directly open the editing interface. 

Step 3. Edit and Save 

Now you have all the available editing options, you can choose a template, upload a video, or can create your own. When you are done upload it by clicking on the export button. The video will be saved to your device in MP4 format. 

Reasons to Choose Doratoon

We have described 5 reasons why you should prefer Doratoon over other available animation makers: 

  • Budget Friendly

Doratoon is one of the free animation makers that offer a lot of essential features free of cost. It’s the best option when you need to know how to make animated videos free or paid. Its paid version will let you enjoy all the features unlimited with unlimited storage access. 

  • User-Friendly Interface 

Working with Doratoon is very easy as it does not require any type of special skills or knowledge. Beginners or a layman can easily create a good animation by using ready-made templates. Additionally, for better customization, you can add music, videos, or pictures to your created animation. 

  • Good Collection of Templates, Props, and Characters 

Doratoon lets you create animated characters and videos within minutes. You will have a variety of templates and characters on different topics. For instance, if you are a businessman then you can use a template for an animated advertisement or a virtual invitation. 

  • Incredible Editing Options 

On the editing interface of Doratoon, you are provided with a lot of advanced editing features. You can adjust your animation background scenes or can add media to the animation. You can add subtitles, text, or images. 

  • Versatile and Efficient 

Doratoon is a versatile tool that lets you make animated videos on a variety of topics. It is a good choice for you whether you are a teacher or a marketer. You will find a variety of templates, clips, and audio files on different topics. 

Tips to Make Your Animation Online

When you have a good animation maker then the whole work becomes simple and easy for you. But still, there are some tips that you should follow while making your animation. These are: 

  • Plan and Search

It is important to first make a good script for the animated video you are going to create. You have to search for what is trending and then plan the whole process by keeping in mind the need and the demand of the audience. 

  • Use Versatile Characters

You must add uniqueness and versatility to your animation. To do so you can use different cartoon characters that will support the content and contribute to enhancing the relevancy. By providing a huge number of characters and props Doratoon is helping in this regard 

  • Convert PPT to Video

Instead of delivering a boring presentation, you can convert the ppt slides into interesting animated videos to grab the attention of your audience. Doratoon provides a direct option where you can either upload the whole presentation or can add a few slides to your presentation video. 

  • Add Subtitles and Background Music 

To make your animation more understandable you can add subtitles. Doratoon offers you speech to text feature for this purpose. Besides this, you can also add music or clips to enhance the visual quality. 

  • Use Timeline Approach

You can use the timeline approach while creating your animation to manage the time taken by each scene. While making animation online you can set the time and manage what will remain on screen for what time. 

Ending Remarks 

Creating animation online is no more a difficult task. You can create your animation without putting in much effort and time only if you have the right tool in your hand. Doratoon is an efficient online animation maker with exceptional features and editing options.

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