How To Sell Your Car To A Junkyard?

Sell Your Car

Instead of throwing a piece or a rod that is not able to be fixed, selling it can reduce your loss of giving it up. Regardless of the journey with your car, a time may occur when you need to sell it and it is important to look for every possible option you have. 

There are a lot of reasons why a person wants to sell his car to a junkyard. Click here to get the best junk car selling services. Selling a car to a junkyard can be a stressful task especially if you do not have enough information and you are a newcomer.

The given article provides you with complete guidelines about how to sell your car to a junkyard without putting in much effort and time. 

Sell Your Car At A Junkyard-Step By Step Guideline

Analyze The Condition Of Your Car

First of all, you have to decide what type of junkyard will buy your car. To do this analyze your car’s condition and find in which category it can fit. 

  • Wrecked- wrecked cars are those types of cars that are bought for their usable parts. Now junkyard considers the conditions of your car engine and other parts and pays you accordingly.
  • Damaged- damaged cars are also bought on the basis of usable parts and the junkyard will consider the condition of the engine and other parts and then pay the price according to it. 
  • Junk- if your car lies in the junk cars category then you have to understand that you will get only the amount of metal in your car. The buyer will not consider the condition of your car engine or any other parts and you may become worried but there are many junk yard that buy junk cars for cash. 

Make Sure You Have The Title Of The Vehicle

To sell your car it is important that you have a title to it. In case you have lost it or misplaced it then you have to get a replacement by contacting your state BMV or DMV. The exact process may vary but you must have to provide some type of identification and pay a small fee for a replacement request. 

In case your car has a lien then no junkyard will take it but you can sell it to a state-licensed dealership. But if your car is a junk car then no dealership will also be interested and then you will end up with limited options.

But if you have a title them you are very easy to go and any junkyard can take your car. A clean title indicates that you are the legal owner of the car and these are all documents you need to sell your car. 

Look For Junkyards

Now is the time to look for a suitable junkyard. It is important to mention here that you have to call several junkyards and then choose the one that looks best. You can search junkyards near you on Google but it will take a lot of time. Instead of relying on Google use USCarJunker and within minutes you will get all the information.

USCarJunker: An Easy Way To Find Junkyards Near You

USCarJunker is an online platform that offers you to easily search for the junkyards near you. By using USCarJunker you can find a lot of useful details about the junkyards. All you need to do is just enter the city or zip code of your area and then you will be provided with the contact information of the junkyards. 

The main advantage of using USCarJunker is that you will get a complete list of all the junkyards near you along with the contact information in no time. Additionally, it also provides a service for buying cars from customers so you can also make an offer from them. 

Following are the advantages you can get by relying on USCarJunker:

  • It offers you a guaranteed no obligated quote
  • You will be assured of getting the best price
  • You do not need to drive or to the car by yourself
  • You can sell your car faster than expected
  • All the additional services it is offering to the customers are free of cost and you don’t have to pay any extra charges. 

After getting a list of all the nearby junkyards you have to choose a few of them based on the reviews you will find on the internet. Contact all the junkyards you have selected and let them know that you want to sell your car and provide all the relevant information such as model, year of your car, or type of damage it has, and then they will offer you an amount if they are interested in purchasing your car. 

Compare All The Offers

Try to get several offers before deciding to sell your car. Compare all the available options and see which option is best for you once you decided, call the junkyard and inform them that you are ready. 

When both parties agree then the junkyard will schedule a time for pick up. If your car is driveable then you can drive it to the spot but if it is not then you have to tow your car. USCarJunker provides you with a free junk car removal service so you don’t have to pay extra charges or take the car to the junkyard. 

Prepare Your Car

Now when everything is decided you just have to prepare your car for the pickup. There are a few things you must have to do such as clear your car from any personal belongings. It is not like a private or dealership sale where the new owner will return anything if found. 

If you left any of your valuable belonging then there are very few chances that you will get them back. Remove GPS units and backup cameras before selling the car. 

Complete The Sale Process

Your car will be inspected by the junkyard. If they are towing the vehicle then they inspect it on the site but if you are the one who is driving to it then they will inspect it as you take it. The last-minute issue can be the cause of the cancellation of the deal. 

If everything is set up then the junkyard will give you payment and both parties will sign the title. At that time you are turning the title over to the Junkyard. The license plates are yours, do not transfer the ownership to the junkyards. Now you may have to report the sale to the state depending upon your States guidelines. 


If you are planning to sell your car then this article would be a great help for you. Before making any decision it is recommended to explore the various options described in the above article before selling the car to a junkyard. 

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