How to Turn Old Family Videos Digital

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Now that we’re recording much more of our lives, what do we do with old family videos? Do you keep them in a box or tape them to your television?

While there’s nothing wrong with doing either of these things, it doesn’t mean your videos will be preserved. However, there is a way that you can turn old family videos into digital copies so that they’ll be safe (and accessible) forever.

If you are looking for ways to convert old family movies, we have compiled a guide on the best services available to help you to preserve these memories and share them with the next generation. Keep reading!

Use an Analog Video-Capture Device

This device will take in both video and audio signals from the video source. It will convert them into an audio/video stream that can be stored and watched on a computer, memory card, hard drive, or other removable storage. After connecting the device to a computer, you can transfer and capture the video on the computer.

Also, it should have software with it to transfer the video and audio signals into digital format. The software usually runs on the same device and provides options to configure settings such as video resolution, audio quality, and control. Therefore, the analog video capture device is the best option for turning old family videos into digital ones.

Use a DVD Recorder

This is a device that connects to your TV and VCR, allowing you to transfer your VHS tapes to DVD. First, you need to connect the VCR and DVD recorder to your TV to ensure that it is working. Then you need to insert the VHS tape into the VCR and a blank DVD into the DVD recorder.

Additionally, you can transfer your old videos to the DVD by pressing the record on the DVD recorder. Make sure the DVD is saved, allowing you to watch your family videos on a television or computer.

Hire a Professional Service

These services often provide a plethora of options for digitizing movies such as DVD, DVD with a case, Blu-ray, and converting 8mm film to digital. When choosing a service, look for one with a good reputation and a track record of reliable customer service. Make sure to inquire about the turnaround time and cost estimate.

Once you find a trustworthy service and decide what format you would like your digital files to be in, you can send them your cassettes, VHS tapes, or other formats. The service will transfer the digital file and then ship the tapes and media back to you with the digital files. While the cost for this can be high, depending on the company, you go with and the number of videos, in the end, you will have a digital collection of family memories that will last a lifetime.

Turning Movies Digital to Enjoy Vintage Videos and Old Family Movies

The process of preserving and converting old family movies to digital formats is relatively easy and can save families everlasting memories across generations. Choose the right capture device and video-editing software for your project to ensure a successful transfer and detailed polish. Convert that old family video to digital memory today!

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