Huawei MateBook D 15 (2021) review: Still stylish and sturdy, but the problems persist

Huawei MateBook

Huawei has been a longstanding laptop supplier (outside the US at least) and impressed with both last year’s MateBook X Pro (2020) and MateBook D 15 (2020) – despite the few notes. The MateBook D 15’s 2021 refresh doesn’t make any fundamental changes – it’s an update rather than a remake.

Anyone looking for a laptop with specs they can configure at the time of purchase should look elsewhere. There’s only one choice for UK buyers, an 11th Gen Intel Core i5-1135G7 and a 512GB SSD with 8GB RAM for £749 (including VAT). In other regions, you can get 16 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD storage.

The dark gray chassis color, which Huawei calls space gray (I’ll call it slate), is quite interesting. 

A key feature of the Huawei matebook d15 2021 is the combination of a large screen with lightweight. The 15.6-inch display sits on a chassis measuring 357.8 mm wide, 229.9 mm is deep, and 16.9 mm thick. These dimensions are the same as last year’s models. It weighs 1.56 kg (3g more than last year). The aluminum-alloy chassis helps keep weight down, and while the size and weight of a backpack will be noticeable, that large screen can be a bit of an inconvenience for your time.

Huawei reports that the MateBook D15 has undergone various tests, including 40°C temperature and 90% relative humidity, as well as USB-C port and fingerprint key durability tests, as well as testing. Check the life of the keyboard, display hinge, and trackpad. However, there is no official MIL-STD certification.

The 15.6-inch screen rests on a small bezel above and to the side measuring 5.3mm, although the bottom edge is quite deep. This results in a screen-to-body ratio of 87% (we calculate 81.5%). The top bezel isn’t deep enough to hold the camera, so the same convention found on last year’s MateBook X Pro (2020) and MateBook D 15 (2020) with the pop-up camera on the keyboard is used here, under Fn. row key.

Huawei Matebook D15 2021, Review: Comfortable keyboard and large screen without the extra weight

Last year, the personal computer regained its lost place at home. They did it as a group for both work and study and even entertainment. It’s the revival of the basic laptop, the regular laptop.

 With a spacious yet lightweight display, this 2021 has been revamped with new Intel processors and integrated Xe graphics, which we verified in this full analysis, giving it a very attractive addition as a home mainframe.

Specifications Huawei Matebook D15 2021

Large but light and well-built laptop

The design of the Huawei Matebook D15 is revolutionary. This is a classic look you’d expect from a laptop with no particular bulbs, so you should try to match the configuration as best you can.

Well-finished aluminum alloy body with smooth lines to hold, no fuss to the touch, no weight loss, providing the power needed for a home war laptop.

Huawei has managed to achieve a spacious, 15.6-inch display, a laptop of very precise weight and size.

Despite being the front of the team 15.6 inches, the Matebook D15 weighs 1.5 kg, in addition, its size is captured by a good body/screen ratio, thanks to a very significant reduction in the frame rate. down nearly 90%.

The Huawei Matebook D15, as we’ve mentioned, is a table-top resistant device that’s very stable thanks to the rubber feet that also help raise it slightly for proper cooling. It has no side vents but hinges on the bottom and screen.

The usual thickness of about 1.7 cm allows the Huawei MateBook D15 to connect where we would expect at least an Ethernet port and even a memory card slot. At the connectivity level, we miss an Ethernet port and some USB-C

On the right, we have two USB-A 2.0 ports with headphones and microphone connectors. The remaining ports are on the left.

There we get one HDMI port, one USB-A 3.2 Gen 1 and one USB-C with charging support. The good news is that this Matebook will eventually be charged exclusively via USB-C.

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