Huawei smart body fat scale 3

body fat
body fat

With the HUAWEI Scale 3, you can get a comprehensive understanding of your physical condition including 11 body metrics 1. If more details are displayed, more changes may be possible. Under the same weight, fat is 3 times the size of a muscle. That’s why people with a high percentage of body fat look bigger. 

Meanwhile, a low skeletal muscle ratio makes weight loss difficult. Track your body fat percentage and evaluate skeletal muscle with the HUAWEI 3 scale. Weight loss is followed by frequent fatigue and lethargy. With HUAWEI TruFit, a fitness model developed by Hefei Institute of Physical Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Huawei, each measurement is scientifically guided.

Support big data comparison for people of the same age.

Comes with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth dual mode connectivity.

Huawei TruFit body composition detection algorithm accurately measures the vital components of the body.

8 electrodes, high precision measurement

The conventional four-electrode smart scale only communicates with your feet to measure lower extremity data, then applies algorithms to estimate total body fat, skeletal muscle mass, and more. In contrast, the huawei scale 3 Pro contacts both your feet and hands and uses eight electrodes to measure both your lower and upper extremities – providing you with more accurate whole-body data.

Huawei 3 intelligent body fat scale:

14 different body information

Huawei Smart Body Fat Scale 3 supports accurate measurement and professional analysis of 14 different body data.

Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Dual Mode Connection

 It comes with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth dual mode connectivity With these connectivity options data can be viewed at any time and professional improvement is also suggested.

HUAWEI TRUFIT Body Composition Detection Algorithm

Huawei and the Hefei Institute of Materials Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly developed the Huawei TruFit Body Composition Detection Algorithm. Based on big data and AI technology, it can more accurately measure important body components such as fat and skeletal muscle mass.

More than 200 training courses

Huawei Sports Health app has more than 200 training courses, including fat loss and muscle gain. Content index data contains a historical record of every bit change.

Family size

Family members are intelligently identified, measured data is automatically synced to the cloud and pushed to the respective account, and the app can be opened for remote viewing at any time.

Simple and slim design

The surface of the integrated tempered glass ladder has a simple and elegant jade-like texture and fine grain. There are also 3.5mm low ladder feet and silicone rubber non-slip pads.

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