Huge Titan: Attack on Titan Character Analysis

Huge Titan

The Huge Titan is a character in the Manga Anime series known as Attack on Titan(AOT). It is also known as “colossal titan.” The huge titan is one of the nine titans and serves as the primary villain of the first three series of Attack on Titan. It is known for its gigantic size and absolute control over steam emission.

Background of the character

The giant titan’s original name was Basco, and his father was a scientist who worked at a research institution. He invented the “Anti-Arrows” for the organization known as Ymir. After returning home, Basco begins to work with a drone called a Centurion to kill the Survey Corps, who investigate the exact location of the Survey Corps. Basco manages to persuade his father to create the hydra-like Giant Titan. After the “half-goat half-man” attacks the village, a Tanka Unit is sent to protect the civilians and destroy the giant titan. The Tanka Unit ends up getting destroyed by the giant titan, which results in several deaths.

Appearance of the character

The creature’s name suggests the monster is out of a comic book. He is about 300 meters tall and comes with dozens of tattered limbs. He comes with a large human shaped head, or rather a head that looks like a gigantic man, that is surrounded by a dense slime. The creature also has arms, and a tentacle head, which are very big and wide.

The massive titan is mostly black except for its head, which is white and red in colour, and it has red eyes. The creature has hard beaks that look like very sharp tusks and massive feet. The tail is also its most distinguishing characteristic, which is also its only weakness.

Notably, the monster possesses a single brain, or more specifically an organ inside its head that is apparently capable of thought and ideas, that also appears to possess feelings.

Abilities of the Huge Titan

The Giant Titan has the power to break through the thick walls of the City Wall. He also has an extremely high speed and great strength to match. It possesses the power of self-sealing, which is very rare to find in its kind, but it is seen in other characters of the AOT series. The massive titan can move faster than a normal human can and that is why it is so efficient in its way.

It also possesses super strength and speed and is capable of running up a wall like a human can. Its eyes also glows like those of the normal human but only for a short amount of time. The eyes are able to sense even the smallest of things that humans cannot. The giant titan has the ability to explode like dynamite or like a rocket to destroy whatever it is near.

Weaknesses of the Huge Titan

Although the huge titan is definitely one of the strongest and most formidable villains to have ever appeared in Attack on Titan, it also has a few weaknesses.

While the sheer size of the giant titans makes it a formidable opponent. Their weakness is actually their lack of being able to contain their release of steam. Instead of igniting, the titans release steam, which rises out of them, and hits the surface. This is known as the “cascade.” The giant titan is the only thing the kingdom of humanity is able to create powerful enough to create a large force of nature to outmatch them.

As more times have passed and more and more titans have been created. The titan and the human armies have gone up against each other multiple times.


Now that you have read all of the information above, let’s recap.

Bigger is better in Attack on Titan. Titan family is important and have direct ties to the future timeline of human history. Titans were the ancestors of man. There are nine Titans and each of the Titans have a family of their own. They are distinct in size and abilities, all of which are shown in the anime series. The main antagonist of the series is a titan and it is shown to be extremely powerful.

I hope you learned something new from this post and I hope you enjoy Attack on Titan as much as I do!

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