Hunters Unleashed – Polish Tank Destroyers Arrive in World of Tanks


World of Tanks has released its latest update. It will now have a fresh wave of content and multiple other improvements. The update is about multiple factors, including the Polish tank destroyer line, crew system, and balance adjustments to several maps and Tier X vehicles. Let’s dive into the details and see how you can dominate the battlefield with these exciting additions.

New Tank Destroyer Line

The latest update has marked the arrival of the first Polish tank destroyer line. This unique branch offers a distinct gameplay experience across six researchable vehicles, ranging from Tier V to the mighty Tier X. Here’s what you can expect:

Tier V-VII

These early tiers introduce you to the world of Polish tank destroyers. Embrace a playstyle reminiscent of classic tank destroyers – well-armored, slow-moving vehicles with fixed gun positions. Hone your map awareness and positioning skills to unleash devastating firepower upon unsuspecting enemies.


As you progress through the line, things get exciting. Tier VIII and above introduce Polish tank destroyers with deep-rifled guns boasting a unique shell mechanic. This innovative design allows them to dish out tremendous close-combat damage, encouraging a more aggressive playstyle than their lower-tier counterparts.

Crew 2.0 – A Streamlined and Efficient System

A significant revamp to the crew system takes center stage in Update 1.24.1. This update simplifies crew management and enhances user experience without affecting existing perks. Here’s a breakdown of the key changes:

No More Qualification Level Restrictions: The previous system penalized crew performance below 100% qualification level. This is no more! Update 1.24.1 standardizes all crew members to 100%, removing performance drawbacks. Existing experience invested in raising the qualification level automatically translates to crew XP, benefiting perk progression.

Introducing Crew and Perk Efficiency: Two new metrics determine your crew’s effectiveness: Crew Efficiency and Perk Efficiency. Crew Efficiency can be boosted through perks, consumables, equipment, and your Commander’s bonus. Perk Efficiency, set at 100% by default, reflects the effectiveness of learned perks. Retraining your crew with credits or for free reduces Perk Efficiency, impacting perk effectiveness proportionally. Thankfully, Perk Efficiency can be restored to 100% by earning Crew XP.

Simplified Crew Recruitment: With the removal of the Major Qualification level, crew recruitment gets a refresh. You can now recruit a fully trained crew (previously known as 100% crew) at no cost! This lets you immediately focus on training your first perk and jump into battle quickly.

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World of Tanks Update 1.24.1 presents a compelling package for veteran players and newcomers. The introduction of the Polish tank destroyer line offers a unique gameplay experience, while the crew system overhaul streamlines crew management and unlocks greater customization possibilities. Update 1.24.1 promises to enhance the overall World of Tanks experience.

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