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Hygiene is important for every person throughout life. You cannot ignore it. For this reason, Mund-Nasen-Schutz as an online shop for hygiene has made it an important task to provide you with all the necessary materials for your health and to be at your disposal in the best possible way for your daily tasks. With them, you have the choice of numerous articles with which you can professionally secure yourself and your surroundings. This starts with safe overalls and overalls and ends with the perfect disinfectant for industrial and commercial use. In the following categories, you will be offered the desired comfort with many different selections.


To ensure maximum safety during work, Mund-Nasen-Schutz offers a wide range of protective gowns. You can get these from multiple different sites as well in a wide variety of colors and protection levels. The same applies to our protective overalls. You will find what you are looking for either for one-time use or long-term use.

Respiratory protection

When it comes to purchasing medically approved breathing masks, Mund-Nasen-Schutz is the right partner. You get a large selection of certified FFP2 and FFP3 protective masks with which you can optimally protect yourself and your surroundings. You get these in large packages, which means that you are no longer tied to the high unit prices in classic retail.


For the classic mouth and nose cover, numerous offers with which you can create the desired security for yourself and your customers. The masks are suitable for all areas of use, which protects you from viruses and other droplet infections. A professional mouthguard is therefore always a good choice.


You have a large selection of disinfectants so that you can achieve the desired level of hygiene in any area of ​​application without difficulty. With large canisters, you have the support you need for commercial use so that you don’t have to go to the shops every day to look for new offers in the field of disinfection.

Safety goggles

When it comes to optimal protection, the right safety goggles are a must. In addition to a smock or overall, a suitable respiratory protection system offers the necessary safety so that contact with sick people does not have to become a health risk. With a range that has your safety in mind and offers you the right safety goggles.

What are the benefits of Mund-Nasen-Schutz?

Ideal for private and business use-  

Both in private use and everyday work, it is very important to have a large selection for your projects. For this reason, as a hygiene shop, we have set ourselves the goal of supplying you in all sectors and areas of application and making the workplace a bit safer. With the appropriate overalls, goggles, and many other protective devices, you are excellently protected and can rely on professional use. We are always up to date and offer you the latest products to enhance your security.

Top-quality for all items-

They rely on certified production and the highest quality for the packages. You will get amazing products in the area of ​​the mouth and breathing masks but also for disinfection and glasses. In this way, you only use safe and approved means with which you can benefit from a comfortable and well-thought-out application in the long term. 

Much more than classic cleanliness-

Using clean and hygienic equipment in hospitals and workplace is important. It not only helps you against all infections but also protects your co-workers. In this regard, we are exactly the right partner for large requirements and will provide you with all the protective equipment you need for your daily use.

Make your place a little safer-

If you are looking for a professional dealer for all hygiene products, you will find what you are looking for with us. You can therefore decide on the appropriate face mask or select your package of protective overalls and overalls. With us, you always stay in control of medicine and care and know-how to increase the safety of your workers and patients. We are therefore pleased to be available to you as a dealer in the field of hygiene and to support you with our range.

Air Cleaner-1500 the best on Mund-Nasen-Schutz

The AC-1500 can be easily operated via a touch panel and, can alternatively be implemented via WiFi via an app in the network. In this way, several devices can be controlled externally at the same time, which is extremely practical for use in schools or administrations, for example. The air quality is constantly measured and displayed thanks to laser sensors. 

The noise development is between 23-58 dB(A) at the highest fan level thanks to the flow-optimized airflow. Despite the high airflow of up to 1200m³, the device works with only 145W max. Power consumption is extremely energy efficient. Thanks to the IEC cold device power connection, different cable lengths can be connected.

It is a major contribution to cleaner ambient air, not only in times of a pandemic. Positive effects have also been known for a long time during the annual cold season. With the AC-1500 you will continue to be well advised in the future thanks to the multi-layered procedure.

The best and must have Overalls 

Wearing clean and the best overall is necessary. You can do this with Mund-Nasen-Schutz protective overalls. The overalls provide top-notch security. It is very difficult to find the right overalls with enormous quality. In case you are thinking overall work only in hospitals then you are wrong. Mineworkers and chemical factory workers can also wear them.

Cleanliness is not something that you can ignore. Considering the current situation when we need disinfectants, sanitizers, test kits, masks, and other protective gears, it is very much essential to use the best class equipment. Health-related measures must be taken seriously. You must carry a set of gloves, spare masks, goggles, and a medicine pouch with essentials when you go to the workplace or anywhere. It is vital to keep yourself protected at all times.

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