Important reasons to contact a Sydney drink driving lawyer having been charged

drink driving lawyer

Most Australian results rely on owning a reliable vehicle. It provides the most convenient way to get from A to B whether it be for commuting to work or enjoying free time visiting places on a weekend or for essential tasks such as shopping. It’s only when being without one that an individual realises just how restricted they are when they are required to rely on others for a lift or public transport.

Those are the realisations that will strike those who have been charged with drink driving. Thinking that a couple of drinks are OK, and driving will remain perfect is a fool’s approach, as many adverts advise, but the unfortunate fact is that some occasionally err and get behind the wheel. When in such a situation, it is advisable to quickly search for drink driving lawyers in Sydney for many important reasons.

  • It can be a terrifying position to find oneself in, especially if employed in a position that necessitates driving. A conviction might not just lose a license but a job as well, therefore having a professional who will understand the situation fully and can communicate on behalf of the offender can save them some stress and ensure that nobody incriminates themselves further while offering understanding and being able to explain what is likely to happen.
  • Being in a situation of the unknown can be extremely stressful, so having someone confidential to confide in can relieve such pressures. And while often it might be the news someone charged is looking for, it is better than living in a fantasy world. Plus, a lawyer will listen to any circumstances and put together the best strategy to make representation. In the meantime, it might be worth checking out some sleeping tips as there is a chance that the situation might keep someone awaiting proceedings to lie awake.
  • It might be possible to receive a better outcome once a lawyer has had time to negotiate with the police if statements have been made in the heat of the moment and will have a direct impact on any verdict. Sometimes a weak police prosecution can be challenged and even overturned which someone representing themselves have little hope of achieving. Collecting good character references which are then compiled might also be of assistance in getting an improved result.
  • A professional with vast experience of defending their clients will have expert knowledge of the law and all its nuances. They can look at the background of those who they defend and be able to form the best case on their behalf. Aside from anything, it might require lots of administrative tasks which will be carried out expertly without errors which could cause issues. Maybe while waiting for a case to be heard, the accused might wish to visit some botanical gardens as a pedestrian.

When faced with drink drive charges, it is essential to contact a lawyer as soon as possible, whose knowledge and experience will provide the best guidance and chance of a positive result.

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