In-House Software Development vs. Outsourcing: Which is Right For Your Applications?

In-House Software Development

When your company opts to develop an application, one of the first choices is whether to develop it internally or outsource it to a software development agency. Careful assessment of software, customer, and developmental needs usually serves as a guiding light in application development.

Utilizing the expertise of an in-house software development team may be one way to accomplish the task. However, businesses may work with a third-party source with specialized abilities to build the application because of a smaller development window.

Before continuing your progress, you should carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each technique. It is necessary to consider several factors in the development process, including company culture, quality assurance, communication, and development time.

The specifics of your project will determine the strategy that will be most effective. Let’s take a closer look at several considerations if you choose an in-house team or outsource the application project.

Quality assurance

The development process is constant, regardless if your application is completed and listed on the Microsoft Store, Google Play, or Apple’s App Store. Part of that never-ending development cycle is a focus on quality assurance. A group of employees or developers who work diligently to ensure the quality of the customer experience is paramount in building trust in a product. 

Deciding on an in-house or outsourced QA team must be made at the start of development. In-house development teams can hire outside QA assurance companies like XBOSoft to have an extra set of eyes on the product. 

Outsourced teams use built-in QA teams as part of the development process. They will process data and ensure the data aligns with the business needs.


Communication can make or break the application development process. Creating direct lines of communication between upper management, middle management, and developers over application needs will ensure a smooth development cycle. 

Internal software developers collaborate daily. As corporate employees, they are invested in project success and are aware of its guiding principles. As a result, these teams know what to expect when giving and receiving feedback and company workflow procedures.

Outsourced development teams may work closely with your company through communications software like Microsoft Teams or Slack. You cannot forget about using conference calls, either. Sometimes, a quick phone call to the outsourced team is a fantastic way to keep everyone on the same page. 

Development time

Development time is another crucial aspect of the development process. A timeframe with obtainable milestones gives your development team a hard deadline and can keep them on track.

An on-time development cycle is one of the main advantages of outsourcing software development services. Software teams with experience will have processes in place to guarantee project milestones. These teams also have experience in application development cycles and fixing bugs.

In-house developers may have more direct lines of communication with project stakeholders, allowing for development time to decrease if everyone remains simpatico on application features and overall project scope. If development is going off course, getting stakeholders back on track is much easier when everyone is in the same environment.

Corporate culture understanding

Making sure the application supports the values of company culture will create a more profound appreciation between the business and its customers. 

Your in-house team has a built-in understanding of company function and its values. These employees know which aspects of the business cycle are valuable to business health. They understand the vision and the goals. 

Meetings between the business and an outsourced development house can bridge the gap between understanding and implementing company values in the app. Developing a rapport with outsourced teams will generate the necessary results and create the potential for new features for your application. 

Before you go

Determining the use of an in-house development team or an outsourced development team must be decided before an employee writes the first line of code. The weeks and months before the development cycle begins must be devoted to understanding the problem solved by an application, how it aids in the business, and the overall project scope.

Meetings between sales, marketing, production, and the C-suite will help establish what is necessary for your application. These meetings are like pouring the concrete for a solid foundation. That solid foundation will ensure the success of your application reaches the sky. 

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