Instagram Stories: How to engage your audience

Instagram Stories

There is no single effective method to improve video marketing today. A very effective way to improve video marketing is to use Instagram stories. Most social media platforms offer stories as well. In the last three years, mobile video consumption has doubled, and 70% of Instagram users watch stories every day. Therefore, if you do not currently use Instagram stories, you should start using it today. If you do not have large numbers of followers, you will not get enough store views. As you buy 10000 Instagram followers, you will be able to increase your story viewers and audience base.

Use Instagram Stories To Get Engagement 

There are thus many users who use Instagram’s other features such as Stories, Reels, or IGTV. You can therefore pick the suitable Instagram story based on your business. Here is a list of features that will help you to increase your followers, likes, and views. Having learned how to post Instagram Stories, you can stop searching and just get started posting. 

1. Respond to questions

Would you like to reach the largest audience with your marketing? We help you become viral among your target audience organically. Get your audience engaged by asking them questions that relate to your businesses. The questions can be about anything you like. Create a sticker with the phrase “Ask me anything.” This allows your audience to communicate with you via your Instagram story, so they can claim you as an expert in whatever field you wish to cover. Next, save a master video of all replies to your highlights by designing a master video.

2. Ask questions

A marketer is someone who is looking for audience insight into a product or service. As a possible Instagram Stories strategy, consider asking your audience questions. Your Instagram Stories should include an answer sticker where your followers can post their answers. Imagine you want to share a specific Instagram story tactic. Begin by asking queries – this is a helpful way to determine what content to post next. Create stories that ask questions that engage your audience. If you buy Instagram followers to boost your business presence, you can grow your Instagram audience organically. 

3. Run polls and take tests

If you wish to guide the audience on the answer phase, consider using a quiz or poll instead of an open question. Votes can be supported by stickers. Use multiple-choice responses to engage your audiences. People can engage with your Instagram post by clicking an icon rather than replying to the answer. Engagement with your content is a straightforward and efficient process.

4. Promote the product

A smart way to gain brand recognition is by sponsoring your product or service with an Instagram Story. By using such a tool, you can market to your followers without having the option of making an ad campaign. Encourage your audience to make purchases by using product stickers. I find it noteworthy that product stickers are only available to businesses who approve them on Instagram. Additionally, you may choose to add an external website link to your Instagram story by swiping up from your story. 

5. A sneak peek at upcoming releases

Create a surprise story for your followers by sharing a sneak peak of a new event or product launch. By doing so, you create anticipation among your followers. However, these Instagram Stories also cater to audience members with specific details. However, the next reason for audiences to click on this icon is that it provides further details. Alternatively, if you want to increase the credibility of your Instagram profile, take advantage of Buy IG Followers Fast, where it organically increases your visibility from authentic and engaging audiences. 

6. Use Instagram countdowns for your stories

There is always excitement around the countdown, whether it is for the launch of sales, New Year’s Eve, or special holidays such as Christmas and Black Friday. Utilize a countdown sticker to continually drive your audience’s curiosity with your Instagram video.    

7. Start a live event

Do you broadcast live events on Instagram? If so, you can take advantage of free promotion by posting a video to your Instagram story. Your Instagram Live stream will be viewed more frequently when you use this method to keep your followers in the loop. You may also ask your viewers what they are looking forward to watching for the next stream by posting a follow-up with questions after you stream. 

8. Run a contest

You can generate a lot of engagement on Instagram by running contests:

  • Get your followers to like or comment on your latest Instagram post or post their story on your story.
  • During the 24-hour period, make sure you look at your notifications and select a random winner. You can select a winner for your profile using a variety of apps on the platform.
  • These apps allow you to shoot a video screen that automatically calculates the winner, and you can then upload the video to your Instagram story. 


Your advertising and marketing efforts can be more effective with all these Instagram stories and their design ideas. Start engaging your fan following with the ready-to-fit Instagram story option and supercharge your Instagram story game in no time.

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