Is cold pressed sunflower oil good for cooking?

cold-pressed sunflower oil

Sunflower oil is one of the most used oils in the marketplace. Sunflower oil is extracted from seeds of the sunflower and is known as vegetable oil. This is the most flavorful oil which can be used for cooking vegetables. 

Though few people think that sunflower oil is bad for health due to its inflammation properties because of the presence of omega-6s. But it is really good for cooking food. On the other hand, sunflower oil consists of high unsaturated fat and it is mostly used by people who like to cook their food in low saturated fat content. 

It is considered to be very rich in vitamin E and it is very useful for decreasing various skin diseases and disorders. These are few prime benefits of using cold-pressed sunflower oil for cooking

Types of Sunflower oil

There are two types of sunflower oil which are available in the market. One is cold-pressed sunflower oil also known as extra virgin oil and another is common refined oil. In Cold pressed sunflower oil, the halls of the flowers are removed and broken into small pieces. The process doesn’t use high heat; the oil is extracted by squeezing them out.Though cold-pressed oil is beneficial while making it, it’s impossible to squeeze all the oil out. It is not a very efficient process. 

On the other hand, Common refined oil is made by squeezing the oil out from the sunflower seeds using the heat. Seeds are processed through the heat so they can allow oil to be removed easily. In the process, heat is used to extract the oil so the efficiency level is high as all the oil can be squeezed. 

In the process, few companies use solvents named hexane to release more oil. However, this process decreases the natural properties of the oil common refined oil is highly processed oil as compared with the cold-pressed sunflower oil.  

Additional benefits of using cold-pressed sunflower oil 

There are several other cold-pressed safflower oil benefits. Here is the list:

  • Chemical-free: Cold-pressed sunflower oil is extracted from the screeding the oil out from the seeds using the pressure. There is no chemical agent involved in the process. Sunflower oil flowers grow without the use of any chemicals. Therefore, from top to bottom no chemical is used to extract the cold-pressed sunflower oil. 
  • Natural flavor and aroma: As cold-pressed sunflower oil does not use any chemical in the process; therefore, no additional smell is present in it. People can enjoy natural flavor and aroma while using cold-pressed sunflower oil for cooking. In addition to this, there are several proteins and vitamins that are also present in the oil to make it more beneficial. 
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease: Cold-pressed sunflower oil contains a high level of oleic acid. The oil has a high level of saturated fat that helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases. The sunflower oil which contains a high level of oleic acid is only effective in reducing health conditions. 
  • Skincare: Sunflower oil can help in delaying the signs of age because of the presence of beta-carotene. In addition to this, it also nourishes the skin and prevents skin from getting dark spots, pigmentation and helps in unifies the skin color. Cold-pressed safflower oil also benefits the skin from harmful sun rays.
  • Increased immunity: Sunflower oil has a high level of antioxidants that helps in strengthening the cell membrane. When the cell membrane is hard it prevents bacteria and viruses from entering the body. The oil increases the ability to fight the bacteria and helps in building the repairing tissues as well. It contains protein and various enzymes that can be important for the body’s functioning.     

Cold-pressed sunflower oil is natural and 100% pure oil which is extracted without any heat process, chemical, and no preservation making it the most beneficial oil for cooking. The oil is extracted traditionally to keep all the traits together.

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