Is Facebook Advertising Right for Your Business?

Facebook Advertising

Speak to many people in the marketing niche and they will tell you that Facebook is a great platform for advertising purposes. However, no platform is ever perfect for every business. Therefore, this guide will break down everything you need to know today!

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

If you’re to discover whether Facebook advertising is right for your business, you first need to learn why so many people prioritize the platform in their own strategies. For one thing, the platform welcomes just short of 3 billion active monthly users. That’s right – three billion people access their Facebook accounts each month.

With this in mind, it contains most audiences and target markets. For example, it’s thought that over 85% of people between the age of 18 and 29 use Facebook. However, the reason that Facebook is so popular for advertising purposes is that even around one-third of those over 65 use the social media platform.

Elsewhere, the gender split is 54/46 in favor of females. Meanwhile, income doesn’t play too much of a role. Regardless of whether people earn $30,000, $60,000, or over $100,000, the average percentage of households with an account sits between 81% and 88%. Not only do people have an account, but the average user spends around 35 minutes on the platform per day. Therefore, it’s fair to say that the user base is active too.

With all these demographics and statistics, it proves that most businesses can find their audience on Facebook. Another benefit is that this audience is reachable in so many ways; although this guide is focusing on advertising, you can also use Facebook to connect with customers, work with influencers, generate reviews, inform audiences of news, and more.

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Is Facebook Advertising Right for Your Business?

If you’re like most, you probably have an answer forming in your head already. Why? Because you should have detailed knowledge of your existing audience. Sadly, those looking for a definitive answer will walk away disappointed (and you won’t find it anywhere else on the internet either!). This is because the answer depends on your audience – if your audience is accessible on Facebook, there’s no reason why you won’t benefit from an advertising strategy.

Too often, we see people choosing social media platforms for the sake of it. Just because TikTok is growing in prominence right now doesn’t mean that you should blindly start advertising there, for example. When choosing any advertising strategy, you need to ensure that it’s right for your audience. If your target market isn’t on the platform, there’s no point wasting your budget. This is the equivalent of taking your crochet products into a cooking class – it isn’t your audience, so even the best pitch in the world isn’t going to generate the results you seek.

To summarize, you need to remember your audience when considering any digital marketing strategy in 2022. If your audience doesn’t use Facebook, you’re only going to waste your budget producing great content. If your audience uses Facebook regularly, there may be something to gain.

Efficacy of Facebook

If your audience uses Facebook, the good news is that most businesses generate a positive ROI on the platform. Success is possible thanks to the many great advertising features, detailed analytics, and clever algorithms. So long as you tinker with targeting and use a message that resonates, it won’t be long before Facebook becomes a critical part of your strategy.

If you need help implementing Facebook into your strategy this year, consider an experienced digital marketing agency like King Kong to take this pressure off your shoulders!

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