History Of Basant in Lahore – A Kite Flying Festival

Kite Flying Festival

History Of Basant Festival

The ‘Basant’ festival is a traditional spring celebration in Punjab. Kite flying festivals were celebrated in the historic districts of Amritsar, Lahore, and Kasur. Before 1999, Basant was celebrated without the state’s involvement and was managed by unregulated entities that were influenced by centuries-old cultural influences in the area. However, when Pakistan was sanctioned in 1999 due to atomic bombings, Basant was promoted by the Pakistani government as a cultural festival to create a soft image of Pakistan.

Basant Promotion By Government

When the government began promoting the Basant event, it received a boost. Consequently, several multinational corporations began to commemorate the day at the state level. As a result, the event began to draw a flow of money, resulting in the construction and flying of large kites, and as a result, kite thread makers, such as ‘doar,’ began to produce strong and unbreakable threads.

Financial Advantages

It’s hilarious that while projecting the Basant for its financial advantage, the government never considered the consequences of such forecasts and didn’t bother to create any laws, regulations, or code of behavior for the event. The lack of any regulation has two implications on kite flying activities. The first improvement was strengthening the kite flying thread, which was now stronger than the conventional ‘doar’ thread. The second effect was a shift in producing and applying powdered glass coated thread, known as “Manja.” In addition, the technique was altered by including more chemicals and higher-quality glass, which improved Manja’s cutting ability.

Loses Of Valuable Lives

Consequently, wayward kite lines became a safety hazard for the general public, particularly motorcyclists. Strong doars with sharp Manja began harming people regularly, and valuable lives were lost. The city’s power systems were also impacted by the increasing strength of the ‘doar.’

Due to an upsurge in accidents caused by errant kite strings, Pakistan’s Supreme Court issued a suo moto notice in 2005, ordering the government to regulate kite flying activities and create an appropriate code of conduct. Unfortunately, the incident got gory due to the government’s incompetence and lack of foresight. Instead of resolving the situation, the then-Government imposed a full ban on commerce and activity, infringing on basic rights and breaching Article 18 of Pakistan’s Constitution.

Restriction Ordinance About Kite Flying

The Punjab Kite Flying (Amendment) Ordinance, 2007 (XX of 2007), followed by The Punjab Kite Flying Rules, 2007, attempted to restrict kite flying activities later. The Punjab Prohibition of Dangerous Kite Flying Activities Ordinance, 2001 (LIX of 2001) was abolished by the Punjab Prohibition of Kite Flying (Amendment) Act, 2009, which revised the Punjab Prohibition of Dangerous Kite Flying Activities Ordinance, 2001 (LIX of 2001). The law above established the regulations for creating kites and the thread (‘doar’) and ‘Manja.’ The guidelines also stipulated that the festival would be open for a certain time throughout the year. The legislation above had flaws and shortcomings, and it went against the spirit of Pakistan’s Constitution’s basic rights.

The Basant Kite Flying Festival is celebrated with much pomp and spectacle in Pakistan. The festival takes place in the springtime. The beauty of nature during the spring season adds to the event, a celebration of the season’s beginning marked by the release of multicolored kites into the sky. The kites come in various sizes and forms, and some of them have unique messages inscribed to God on them. On the kite, people write their wishes, prayers, and greetings to their God and then let it fly high in the sky. Basant kite flying festival is a Hindu holiday that began with the people of the Punjab region. Still, as time went by, the event got more popular among the nation’s people, and it is now a festival that the whole country celebrates every year.

Basant in Lahore Festival

The Basant in Lahore a Kite Flying Festival in Pakistan. It attracts a large audience of men, women, and young people of all ages who engage in various events and kite-flying contests. There are numerous things to buy and many culinary items to sample, including Hindu and Pakistani cuisine. The festival’s major appeal is the sweet dishes, particularly popular with international visitors. The Basant Kite Flying Festival is a fun event for both locals and visitors to the nation.

The spirit of the Supreme mentioned above Court of Pakistan’s judgment, and subsequent laws were thrown to the wind by the Provincial Government by prohibiting the Basant Festival due to the Provincial Government’s inadequate functioning procedures and inability to enforce the state’s writ.

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