Is pursuing a PhD in Microbiology worth opting for?

PhD in Microbiology

A PhD in microbiology is the highest degree in the field of microbiology. The journey of earning a PhD in microbiology is full of excitement and new learning opportunities. To sail through a PhD with ease, a candidate must develop four traits: being an independent thinker, networking skills, not procrastinating, and visiting and revisiting the source of motivation. PhD Microbiology can help you advance your knowledge and career in microbiology. The exact aim of PhD in microbiology differs distinctly, reflecting the nature of the field as a whole.

Microbiology is defined as the study of microbes, the living organisms that are not visible to naked eyes, such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Since the 17th century, microscopic creatures have fascinated scientists. Antony Van Leeuwenhook and Robert Hooke were the first to discover the living organism too small to be seen with bare eyes. Today, PhD holder in Microbiology studies virology, protozoology, bacteriology, and other subdisciplines of science.

A bachelor’s or master’s degree in microbiology can enable you to join base-level jobs in the field, but the top positions in the microbiology department require a PhD degree. Hence, earning a PhD in microbiology is worth investing your valuable time and effort as this degree can empower you to perform research to understand the microbes through lab experiments.

Microbiology is an inevitable part of research and development in controlling diseases through medications and food production. Thus, during the PhD programme, the curriculum focuses on developing knowledge on the following topics:

  • Virology
  • Molecular Bacteriology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Mycology
  • Environmental Microbiology
  • Biogeochemistry

These are just a few topics that a PhD curriculum in Microbiology can include. The research projects in this programme typically revolve around lab work. The candidates can collaborate with faculty while also working with microbiologists, biologists, biomedical scientists, chemists, immunologists, etc.

Earning a PhD in microbiology can lead to higher compensations. According to the BLS or Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the average salary in 2020 was approximately $91,840. While in India, the average salary of a microbiologist is around INR 8,00,000 to INR16,00,000. Moreover, the demand for microbiologists is witnessing a rising trend across the globe.

Career progression after earning a PhD in Microbiology

Applied Research: Applied Research is conducted in pharmaceutical companies by microbiologists who help in designing and testing new drugs to combat viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens causing health ailments. Microbiologists help develop new processes and ingredients that keep the food safe and appealing while increasing its shelf life.

University Research and Teaching: The unique role of universities in science provides a fertile field for research and offers education to future researchers. The faculty members with a PhD in microbiology take the responsibilities, such as crafting research projects, securing financing, staffing them with employees and students, and documenting their research outcomes in scholarly publications. They also teach microbiology students and network with government or private counterparts for placement of the students.

Government Research and Compliance: An individual with a PhD in microbiology can find employment opportunities at various levels of the government. Federal agencies such as the Centers for Diseases Control, Food, and Drug Administrations offer job positions to these well-qualified microbiologists. Their primary role is to verify the testing performed by private companies and monitor them to ensure that it matches the existing standards.

A PhD in microbiology is one of the most lucrative career options. Thus, earning the highest degree in the field is undoubtedly worth it. So, hurry up apply for this PhD programme now!

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