Keeping Your Generator in Peak Performance


If your business relies on a generator, you’ll want to make sure it stays in peak performance so that it can provide power when you need it. A key factor in your business will be making sure your generators are well-maintained and repaired quickly if they do breakdown.

To help you keep your generators operating efficiently, we have put together a guide explaining what you need to know:

Choosing the Right Electrical Service Company

When you are looking for the right specialist to maintain or repair a generator, there are several things you’ll want to make sure of. The engineers must be fully qualified and have any relevant licenses and insurance to carry out the work. An experienced company will offer a wide range of services and cater for diesel and gas generators as well as maintenance contracts to keep your equipment in top condition. All work should be guaranteed, and the best providers will be members of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA).

Why You Need an Electrical Services Specialist for Your Generators

Generators are complex pieces of equipment, and their correct operation is probably key to your business. This type of machinery has several components such as engines, alternators, voltage regulators, and control systems and specialist knowledge, skills and tools are required to work on them. As with anything electrical, there are also safety concerns to consider. Click here for information on electrical safety at work.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Carrying out planned preventative maintenance is a good way of reducing expenditure and provides other benefits. Stopping breakdowns occurring eliminates untimely outages in production and reduces the costs associated with repairs or replacement. It may be necessary to carry out specific servicing to the manufacturer’s requirements to maintain a warranty, and a well-maintained generator is likely to have a longer life span and operate more efficiently than a poorly serviced one. A maintenance contract can give you peace of mind and help you budget. 

Generator Repairs

Even a well-maintained generator can still fail, so you’ll want to make sure the specialist you use can provide an efficient repair service to get your equipment running again quickly, and the importance of 24/7 emergency response may be critical to your operation. They should have mobile service vehicles equipped with a wide range of parts and electrical components enabling them to carry out repairs without delay.

Generator Hire, Load Testing and Other Services

When you need it, a stand-out electrical services provider will offer a range of generators and fuel tanks for hire. Another beneficial service to look for is load testing which is key when you want peak efficiency from your generator, and a good company will be able to carry this out without interrupting your business and supply you with a comprehensive report. Remember it’s not just the generator so make sure your provider can also take care of any associated equipment.

So, whether you need a generator repaired, maintained, load tested, or you’re looking to hire, make sure you do your research and choose a provider who has a reputation for providing excellent service, quality products and professional reliability and make sure they are properly licenced. Click here for information on electrical licences.

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