Maintaining Eureka Forbes Water Purifier

Water Purifier

Water purifier installation is considered a necessity in every home to keep health problems at bay. However, not everybody has the time to think about which water purifier to choose. Thanks to the advancement in purification technologies, you will come across a variety of water purifiers in today’s market including UV, RO, and gravity-based. However, RO water purifiers are the most commonly preferred systems.

But did you ever wonder how to maintain the RO water purifier to maintain its durability? Here are some of the best maintenance tips that you might need for clean drinking water.

How Important is Eureka Forbes Water Purifier Servicing?

Professional Eureka Forbes service Gurgaon is crucial to maintain its efficient functioning. Since water purifier filters out various impurities within a short time. Lack of good maintenance might affect the functionality of the water purifiers. This is the reason why you must get a professional water purifier servicing done because they can clean the filters professionally. 

A properly maintained RO water purifier might last for about 15 years.

Consider Filter Change Regularly

Filters’ demands change periodically, if not regularly. This is because the water contaminants might start clogging the filters over time. If you fail to change the filters regularly, you might end up compromising water quality. Since the impurities get transferred to your drinking water.

Sediment Filter

 A sediment filter works like a sieve to eliminate impurities from the water. RO water purifiers might need several filters to get rid of these impurities. One of the filters that the RO water purifier uses to eliminate impurities is known as the sediment filter. You must change the sediment filter at least once n a year. You can consider replacing the filter when you notice lower water flow or start receiving darker-coloured water from the filter.

Water filter maintenance can minimize the sediment and keep the RO membranes dirt-free.

Carbon Filter

The water passes through the carbon filter from the sediment. This filter is also termed the carbon filter and is known to eliminate contaminants like chlorine. Changing the carbon once every year is advisable to keep the RO membrane performance at its peak. Carbon filters out all types of unpleasant tastes from the water.

RO Membrane

RO membrane is undoubtedly the most crucial part of the RO water purifier. The RO water purification technology can minimise cyst, cadmium, barium, radium, fluoride, selenium, chromium, nitrites, nitrates, copper, arsenic and lead. For maximum performance, make sure to get the RO membranes replaced once every year based on the consumption.

What Can Go Wrong if You Don’t Replace the Filters?

Not changing the filters can drastically ruin the water quality. The water flow reduces when it’s time to replace the filters. Not changing the filters for a prolonged period might restrict the purifier’s functionality. Reduction of water flow is one of the red flags that indicates that the filters need replacement.

Preventative Maintenance

To steer clear of all kinds of issues with RO water purifiers, make sure you schedule an appointment with an Aquaguard service centre. This way you can get assistance from expert service providers. The professionals can schedule preventative maintenance annually and keep your water purifier and tubes up and running. You would need no extra cost when you consider Eureka Forbes service Gurgaon if you do it within the warranty period. However, after the warranty expiration, it’s up to you that you to keep the water purifier running smoothly. Since water purifiers comprise an output pipe and internal filter. They need periodic cleaning from the professionals. You can even seek a few maintenance tips from professionals to keep your system in good condition for years.

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