Medical, Business, Seasonal, Fitness or Eco-Tourists Have Sights on Thailand; Many Roads Point to Thailand Tourism

Thailand Tourism

Living in Thailand exposes us to the reality that most things grown or produced in Thailand are exported. The Thai government is encouraging foreign investments in production and technology facilities to increase GDP with increased exports. However, Thailand is one of the preferred destinations for medical tourism. Medical treatment and plastic surgery industries produce continual growth. 

The beautiful beaches, vibrant natural surroundings, and happy citizens attract diverse global tourists. Over 50 million people visit here for many sectors of tourism.

  • A health medical tourism industry renders higher experienced, quality services and therapies for those of us who live here. Medical science advancements in hyperthermia treatment options move quickly in Thailand due to the environment, as well as, available investment capital. 
  • Eco or explorer tourists come here to experience the large percentage of global plant and animal life that flourish here. Take a whale-watching tour or trek into the jungle to find new flowers with your nose.
  • Business tourists dash in and out for project management, trade, or customs negotiations. 
  • Thailand is the destination for fitness and martial arts fighters to train and prepare for fights. There are education visas specifically for a term of fight training. Or you could save the bruises and study the Thai language for a visa.
  • Mass tourism happens in waves throughout the year around various international holidays. The peak mass tourism is November, December, January, and February when the West recognizes various religious events over the season.
  • The Chinese invented bulk tourism. Their three favourite seasons to visit Thailand are over the Western, Thai, and Chinese calendar New Year celebrations. 
  • Other medical departments host international patients for fertility, dental, or sports therapies and recovery facilities here. It is important to understand the medical services available to you. You could accomplish multiple health goals in one trip.
  • The world-class dive locations for underwater world exploration in Thailand should be on your charts. Dive with whale sharks at Pinnacle Rock, off Koh Chang, or take a trip out to the Similan Islands to glide through the rich marine life and clear tropical water. 

What would you think of a remote or hybrid work/life balance while living in Thailand? Digital nomads in Thailand are on the rise. Medical regulations from the government to protect tourists are just as important as mulling over visa and taxation thoughts for digital nomads. They realize this emerging market and want to be ready as AI is set to eliminate jobs by the millions. 

Employment roles like customer service, data analysis, programming, graphic design, full-stack web developers, sales offices, accounting departments, and data entry divisions can trade cubicles for beach umbrellas. Those jobs will be replaced first, enjoy the last years of your career in comfort and transition to retirement in paradise. 

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