Moovila VS Bigtime: A Hot Debate to Pick One

Moovila VS Bigtime

Over time, the project management software market has seen many changes. A lot of new project software is being introduced as per the needs of their clients. Specifically, since 2022, a gap for online workspace comes ahead where many project management systems have tried to fulfill it. But so many options in the market are not less confusing. Businesses and organizations need a versatile and simplified tool that can assist them in outperforming. Today, among many options, we have brought a review between Moovila vs Bigtime to help you guide the best one for your needs.

Moovila and Bigtime software is a trustful system known for its efficiency and truthfulness. You must bear in mind that both of this software is the best in their domain. Many clients rely on their day-to-day project management with this software. The difference is that some excel in one place while others in some different aspects. We will be elaborating that they’re outperforming top-notched benefits in this piece.

Moovila VS Bigtime:


Moovila software, an SIAA CODiE award-winning system, is incredibly special software in the top leading project management software list. You can set different big and small milestones and goals to accomplish your project, making it significantly valuable. Different project management software examiners have approved the Moovila software as a trustful and reliable software, which is evident from its recent title of 2021 best project management software.

Moovila was launched in 2012 by the same parent company. Since then, it has managed to win the trust of thousands of clients and raise millions of dollars in revenue. The best thing in Moovila reviews is that the customers love its customer-oriented approach. It offers multiple features to boost your project management capacity. The versatility you get from Moovila software is important to this software’s function. Further, we will discuss its top-rated benefit in the next section.


Bigtime software is an all-in-one software package for several businesses like engineers, IT experts, architects, accountants, etc. At the same time, its features are no exception in quality and flexibility. It seems in the market that Bigtime and Moovila software are two systems which give tough time to pick one. Being a web-based software, bigtime software is designed to some extent for beginners and professionals. Everything related to project management comes easily through Bigtime, such as time monitoring, management, and invoicing.

Bigtime time monitoring monitors all time invested on initiatives or outside desk operations and provides you with a digital timesheet application. To summarize, Bigtime Software serves as a platform for skilled service companies who demand real-time information to ensure the long-term profitability of their initiatives.

Benefits of Using Moovila:

Seamless Invoicing:

What is among the most significant components of your operations as a business? Invoicing is the explanation in a nutshell. Appropriate invoicing is essential for a thriving business, and you can easily handle this using the Moovila system. The software simplifies for you and your staff to prepare statements by providing invoice templates that you can customize with the details of the particular project. It allows you to ensure that an invoice is prepared as soon as possible, allowing you to submit it to the customer as soon as possible, decreasing the period from the entire project and invoicing delivery. As a result, you can shorten the time required for processing invoices.


For many organizations, other cutting-edge benefits are the feature of a timeline to highlight for Moovila is likely the application’s primary aspect. You are using this tool to make it easier to see your business and its numerous components. The platform’s timeline or Gantt view effectively accelerates the instrument’s administration and provides all of your personnel with a simple and understandable approach to development. The application conveniently includes searching at a generated schedule and tracking the project’s progress. It ensures that everyone in the company is on the shared page, leading to increased team togetherness and participation.

Benefits of Using Bigtime:


The bigtime tool is used to create a digital project roadmap, similar to digital design. Another fantastic feature of BigTime systems is generating a detailed map of a project that your staff will be engaged in. It also provides a deadline, and everybody on your crew knows what the assignment entails.

The software helps in simplifying your organizing strategy by using graphics assistance such as a project overview. The tool makes designing and defining the project management plan easier. Consider how useful it would be if all of it for production had been arranged ahead of time and all collaborators had visibility of the process. It is one of the capabilities of Bigtime.


Bigtime software offers project management software with user-friendly templates that are simple to use and customized to your needs. Bigtime features a feature that assists users in selecting from a range of readymade project management layouts. This option allows you to choose a design that you consider will perfectly suit your requirements.

As a result, you can use the BigTime program to customize these templates further to meet your exact needs. This feature makes it easy to create and customize the software. It also alleviates project planning tension because everything you should be doing now is complete in the spaces in the framework.

Final Words:

As we conclude this article, one thing to highlight is really important. The needs and expectations through software for a company vary. So you should read reviews and consult other colleagues, but you also must have a definite idea of what software is meant to meet your needs. And if the software meets your needs, then go for it. However, Moovila and Bigtime are both user-centric project management systems, and many verified clients leave highly positive feedback for them. But still, what matters the most is your expectations from software.

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