5 Must-have Attachments for Excavators


Excavators are known for their versatility. This is because one can fix different mechanical attachments to perform various types of earthmoving works. There are many applications an excavator can perform, including construction, earthmoving, mining, quarrying, or simple digging. However, each activity needs a specialised attachment to the boom to function correctly. These attachments can be a bucket, rock breaker, grabs, or even vibrating rippers. 

We have compiled a list of five must-have attachments for excavators. Let us take a look at different attachments for excavators.

5 Types of Excavator Attachments You Need

1. Buckets

Buckets are used for loading, Unloading, backfilling, ditching, grading, or clearing. Different types of bucket attachments can be fixed to an excavator. For instance, General Purpose Buckets are used for lighter earthmoving applications while Heavy Duty Buckets are designed rugged applications like handling rock, gravel, coal, marble and other abrasive materials. These buckets are used for heavy duty mining and demolition.

Sieve buckets are widely used to sort different materials from rock, gravel, bricks, soil, and rubble to hot materials like steel slag. 

2.Rock Breaker

Rock breakers or hydraulic hammers were first invented by Atlas Copco in the late 1960s. These attachments have genuinely revolutionised the construction, mining, and quarrying industries. Rock breakers are widely used to manipulate large rocks, reducing boulder sizes into smaller pieces. They are typically used in the quarry & mining industry to remove large stones that are too large or hard to break in a crusher. 

3. Quick Coupler

The primary use of the quick coupler, popularly known as a quick hitch, is the quick change of buckets or attachments on heavy-duty construction machinery. A quick coupler eliminates the need to manually remove attachments with a hammer and improves the overall efficiency. 

4. Clamshell

The clamshell is a bucket with two hinged jaws suspended from the boom with two lines. One line raises the bucket of the clam while the other closes the jaws for digging action. Clamshells are the preferred excavator attachment for narrow excavations like well digging, handling loose material, or other types of digging. 

5. Orange Grapple

Orange peel grapples are ideal attachments for material handling. Orange peel grapples are suitable for handling, loading and unloading, grabbing, scrapping and other specific actions. They are commonly used at recycling plants and scrap yards. 

Final Thought

Excavators continue to remain significant construction and mining equipment. However, what makes them so versatile is the different attachments that can be fixed. An excavator’s ability to perform seamlessly with any attachment makes them an essential part of the construction industry. 

These attachments can simplify numerous earthmoving operations. Whether rock breaking or removing heavy loads, these heavy construction equipment attachments make excavators must-have equipment in earthmoving activities. or simple digging. However, each activity needs a specialised attachment to the boom to function correctly. These attachments can be a bucket, rock breaker, grabs, or even vibrating rippers. However, one must also have a sturdy excavator to begin with, to ensure these attachments perform efficiently. Hyundai Construction Equipment India manufactures some of the most robust excavators with the ability to withstand heavy-duty operations. Thus, before getting a new attachment, ensure you have a sturdy excavator from Hyundai Construction Equipment. 

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