Nothing Compares To The NCERT Textbooks: When It Comes To Exam Preparation

NCERT Textbooks

National Certificate of Secondary Education (CBSE) students depend largely on NCERT texts while studying for the yearly CBSE examinations. These publications concentrate on the fundamentals of a topic to assist students in grasping the most essential principles in that area. Due to the fact that they are complete and competent on their own, the CBSE seldom looks beyond the NCERT texts.

For 9th to 12th graders, the Department of Education in Science and Mathematics (DESM) collaborated with the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) to develop some fantastic questions dubbed ‘Exemplar Problems’ in Science and Mathematics, which were subsequently distributed to schools across India. This list of subjects is intended to help teachers improve their classroom teaching in addition to being useful for exams. It is possible for students to utilize the tasks in the book for self-assessment as well as to understand the principles of coping with complex issues. Also Read About: Studen

Mathematics is a subject that is well-known among individuals studying for competitive tests such as the JEE Mains and the JEE advanced, among other things. Students who put in the necessary time and effort on this topic may get exceptional results. A  9th maths ncert solutions may prove to be really beneficial in improving your test results.

Students enrolled in CBSE who study NCERT textbooks, and NCERT Exemplar Problems benefit from the following factors:

1. Provides in-depth information straightforwardly and understandably.

In order to give students the most accurate and dependable information possible, all NCERT books are produced by subject matter experts who have conducted a significant study on the subject matter before writing them. These publications are intended to be accessible to all students, regardless of their cognitive capacities, by offering appropriate information and knowledge in a straightforward and intelligible manner. As a consequence, if you read through the NCERT books in their whole.

2. Adheres to the complete CBSE curriculum

The information in NCERT textbooks prepares students for board examinations and serves as a foundation for a number of standardized tests, such as the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). Due to the fact that the questions are only created by the curriculum, NCERT textual resources may be used as a foundation for preparation for CBSE board exams. \

3. Makes sure that all of the essential aspects are addressed

Students benefit from this since it helps them to organize their material better and make it more accessible. Once the fundamentals have been learned, it is not required to memorize anything else. Exams are a straightforward matter of memorizing the formulae and terms that were covered in the course. As a result, NCERT books are suitable for lengthy and comprehensive study to get a complete comprehension of the subject matter.

4. Appropriate for CBSE board examinations

Examine prior CBSE exam questions, and you will see that the majority of the questions are based on NCERT textbooks, which are available online. Among other things, the CBSE Class 12 Mathematics test, which was recognized as the most difficult each year over the previous two years, featured the majority of NCERT Exemplar Problems in the questions in the last two years. Questions from the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) examinations are routinely changed. The fact that this test is not part of the curriculum may surprise individuals who only recall NCERT texts.

It is necessary to reflect on what you have learnt and then put it into practice if you are a student of NCERT books. These materials must be read and studied thoroughly since there is no need for any further knowledge or skills to be acquired.

5. Provides a diverse variety of possibilities for hands-on experience

It doesn’t matter how much time you spend studying a subject if you don’t put what you’ve learned into practice. Question and answer sections are included at the conclusion of each chapter in NCERT textbooks. This kind of question includes short or extended response tests, matching questions, and fill-in-the-blank questions, to name a few examples. In order to get the highest possible score on the board examinations, it is necessary to answer a wide range of problems. In addition to the practice questions supplied here, you should also go through the NCERT Exemplar problems.

The following are some of the benefits of the Ncert class 12 maths book.

  • It makes it possible for you to comprehend even the most complex things.
  • As stated in the CBSE curriculum, the vast majority of board exam questions are derived from NCERT answers.
  • Because the responses were written by experts, their validity cannot be called into doubt.
  • They are accessible for download on the internet, and they are entirely free.

Aside from that, using other reference resources or purchasing extra books has no adverse consequences. Although some reference books have short summaries that do not provide any vital information, it has been discovered that some of them do. Students may get bewildered as a consequence of this, and they may end up travelling in the incorrect way. As a result, earning high scores necessitates examining NCERT textbooks and their answers.

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