PC Power Up: PC Requirements & Hardware Specifications for Video Games


The first thing to consider when choosing a gaming computer is that under no circumstances should you buy them ready-made! Those people who are involved in the selection of components do not want to select the right components for a gaming computer.

In addition, the finished computers themselves are usually much more expensive than the computer you have chosen yourself, or more rather. PC Power Up ensures the set you have selected will be stronger and cheaper than ready-made counterparts. Therefore, we forget about ready-made solutions and move on to component selection.


The biggest misconception is that expensive and cool motherboards offer an increase in performance. Unfortunately, this is not the case! The motherboard is the connection between the processor, memory, video card and other system components; in fact, the motherboard is the wires between the system components. But also keep in mind that the motherboard may have features that are important to you and you need to choose the motherboard according to your needs.

When choosing a motherboard, in addition to the obvious things like choosing a socket (processor socket) and checking compatibility with the selected processor, you need to look at – the number of connectors you need – SATA for hard drive and drives, USB 2.0 and 3.0 etc. look at features like SLI, Crossfire, which allow you to install multiple video cards at the same time, if you don’t need such a feature now, then it’s best to refuse to buy such motherboards these functions pay huge sums.

RAM & Hard Drive:-

The requirements for the card itself are determined by the number and capacity of the RAM strips to be installed, the number of connected drives (HDD, SSD), their interfaces (SATA, PCI-Express or M.2) and over-clocking capabilities. Future upgrades also matter: if planned in a few months or years, choose a motherboard with a large number of interfaces and a new chipset (for example, MSI H61M-P31 / W8 for Intel, ASUS M5A78L-M LX for I HAVE D). If your computer is out of service for a long time and its components are not “pumped”, you can save a little on your motherboard.

Video Card:-

Video cards can also be installed 2 if the motherboard supports SLI (for Nvidia GeForce) or CrossFire (AMD Radeon) technologies. In the budget segment, such a solution seems useless (1 GPU for 15 thousand will be more productive than 2 for 8 thousand). In the top class, connecting two video cards allows you to achieve an increase in performance that cannot be achieved in other ways. Dual graphics cards in SLI will improve your PC’s gaming performance.

If you plan to upgrade your computer, you can purchase a motherboard with support for two video cards, and get a GeForce GTX 960 GPU-level. So far, the capabilities of this video card are enough to play all the games, and in one year it can be paired with another in the same way to increase performance.

It should be noted that in order to work in SLI / CrossFire, video cards must be, if not identical, then built on the same version.

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