Maybe you’ve always thought that a large, conventional wedding isn’t your idea of fun, or maybe you started out planning a conventional wedding and are now considering a more intimate event. This manual includes a step-by-step list to get you started on the correct path, no matter why you desire to elope. But here we are sharing some tips on how you can make your elopement epic.

Step 1: Connect to photographer

  • Availability 

Get in touch with them right away if there is someone you truly want to work with. In short with your elopement photographer. Because although every photographer is unique, we normally start scheduling one year in advance. Although we frequently have last-minute availability, popular dates fill up quickly! Ask prospective photographers about their availability and travel plans as soon as you start corresponding with them; if your wedding date is flexible, this is a terrific approach to increasing your chances of booking.

  • Style 

Each photographer has a unique style, so as you start looking for someone to hire, check out their social media pages and websites for photos from prior weddings and elopements to see if theirs will generate the kind of pictures you’re after. Each photographer has their own style, which can be seen in anything from colour to lighting to posing. Sometimes they also offer elopement packages. Here are some terms from the photographic community to help you define your preferred look if you’re not sure how to describe the style you’re after:

  • Consultation

Ensure that your photographer is available to assist you as you plan. Particularly with elopements, where a photographer is frequently one of the only vendors, they don’t just “show up and shoot.” They help you create a timeline, learn more about the area, and feel truly prepared on the day of your elopement to enjoy a stress-free journey. To assist you in deciding how to work in these stunning natural areas in the most environmentally beneficial ways, we provide in-depth planning consulting and sustainability consulting.

Step 2 is to pick a date: Considered availability of location and Dates

If you have a specific spot in mind, keep in mind that not all locations are open all year. Beyond that useful consideration, take into account the availability and accessibility of everyone you wish to invite. Is everyone free on this particular day? Are all of you able to travel on this day? Does the time provide any obstacles to physical or health requirements? trekking in the snow and heatAlthough you don’t need to know the precise location just yet, having a rough idea will be useful when picking your date.

 Consider the differences in clothes, accessibility, and activities between a July wedding in Arizona and one on the same date in Australia. Would you want to get married in a particular season for environmental reasons (wildflowers, snow, sunlight), or would you prefer to engage in activities that are only possible in a particular season (backpacking, skiing, climbing)?

What is most important to you when picking a location? Your destination will have varied seasons and activities at different times of the year, just like when choosing a date. Your possibilities for locations will be greatly reduced depending on what you want to achieve and how you want the photographs to look. During the planning process, the date and location are linked in some ways because each affects the other and how that will affect the rest of your wedding day. 

Step 3: Finalize the details 

We’ll discuss when to have the ceremony, take portraits, get dressed, etc., while taking into account the light, travel schedules, and anything else you personally want to add as part of your special day. We’ll also finalize your timeline together.

  • Your attire 

For outdoor weddings, loose, comfortable clothing is ideal. Your choice of clothing will depend on the weather, your plans, and your sense of fashion. It is highly recommended that you choose clothing that you feel good in and that allows you to enjoy exploring your surroundings without feeling constrained. Not all wedding outfit manufacturers make clothes that are easy to hike in or comfortable to wear on uneven ground. Nordeen Bridal, Rue de Seine, Grace Loves Lace, and Reclamation are some of my top picks for elopement gowns.

  • Decor 

You can bring decorations with you, depending on where you choose to simply elope. Florals, blankets, string lights, and other decorations all have their proper seasons and look stunning in a rustic outdoor setting. There are rules about what can and cannot be brought into national parks and other public lands for events. To ensure that the land is protected and your decor can travel and be set up at your location, include any specific decor you want as part of your planning process.

  • Vendors

Choose the vendors you require first. Then, confirm if they are available and equipped to assist an eloping pair. This may entail getting ready early for a hair and makeup appointment for a sunrise ceremony or getting them ready to hike with you to the ceremony site. Even better, ask your florist to make your arrangement so that it can be carried in a hiking pack and that the plants are resilient enough to withstand cold temperatures. Officiant, florist, hair and makeup artist, and videographer are a few businesses that eloping couples frequently hire. You can also hire a designer to make “Just Eloped” signs and other customized elements, a musician to play live music, a chef to prepare you a meal, and a musician to play for you. 

  • Marrige license

To find out what you need, when you need it, and who needs to be present at your elopement if you’re getting legally married during it, check with the county laws in your area. Some states (like Colorado) permit self-solemnization, which allows you to get married and sign your own marriage license without the need for an officiant or two witnesses. Some locations require a wait, while others don’t. While some states have uniform legislation, others have local variations. Some locations let you submit an application online, while others demand an in-person appointment.

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