Pergola Ideas for your Brisbane Home

Pergola Ideas

Pergolas and patios are the places where you can peacefully relax and stay disconnected from all the worries. The added advantage is the seamless beauty they add to your living space. Besides, in Australia, where one has to combat hot climatic conditions, having a pergola can make your summer evenings more cosy and worthwhile. 

If you are looking to have one made for your beloved abode, consider researching and deep-diving into the ideas available online. Also, quality matters, so look for reputed contractors with authentic and premium quality services. A great tip is to limit your search to your locality. For instance, search for Pergolas in Brisbane if you reside there. 

Pergola Ideas for Your Home

Let’s look at some stunning ideas to give your house an aesthetically lovely pergola.

The Modern and Sleek Pergolas

If modern and sleek is what pleases you, consider a minimal and functional pergola. Include decent couches or lounge chairs to match the setting and spice up the appearance. 

The colour scheme depends on you, but dark undertones can pepper it! These are more appropriate for bigger spaces, i.e., more extensive gardens or backyards. 

Utilise the Corners

Consider a corner pergola if you are worried about your relatively more minor backyard and wondering if getting a pergola would hamper the space. These pergolas are made to fit in corners and take up much lesser space. 

Also, being in the corner or smaller sizes don’t affect the functionality as you can still play around and add cosy seating chairs. Although the colour scheme depends entirely on you, having neutral tones can give the pergola a more spacious appeal. 

Glass Ceiling Pergola 

Not a fan of receiving direct sunlight? Conceal the pergola top with glass and shield it against rain, wind and the sun (namesake). Having a glass ceiling retains the openness while safeguarding you against the wind and tree remains like debris, leaves, etc. 

Furthermore, a glass ceiled pergola is partially a patio. Not to mention how you still enjoy your meals without worrying about eating up unwanted things and dust particles. 

Windproof and Private Pergola

If you are more private and personal, pergolas in Brisbane with curtains are all you need. Drop the curtains right when you need them, and voila, more intimate space is ready in seconds. 

Not just for privacy reasons, curtains can be an excellent option to save your pergola from dust and keep it neat and clean. However, you might need thicker curtains to windproof the pergola because sheer ones can only add aesthetic value and coziness to the pergola. 

Why Should You Conduct Research Beforehand?

For starters, contractors need to have an idea before giving you a pergola that you have in your mind. Purposely will make it easier for you to paper your concept. Furthermore, once you know what kind of pergola you want, you can filter the contractor options and narrow them down based on your choices. 

Here are some tips to get you started-

  • Have pictures or sketches to explain the details
  • Shortlist contractors and check their licenses
  • Know your requirements and issues

Final Thoughts

Sitting outdoors is something that can heal the tiredness of the longest of days. Be it enjoying the beautiful sunsets or gazing at the stars in the night skies. Pergolas are more than just outdoor seating areas. 

Pick the idea that matches your preferences and have a reliable contractor customise your dream pergola for you!

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