If you are a beginner entering the mysterious world of 52 cards through Poker, whether playing at Casino or playing online Poker, it is important to improve your skills before you even think about being able to play. Making money through this card game is essential. believes that the following shares will provide you with a lot of useful knowledge and experience to help you stand up against even the top Poker players.

Must learn the word “ring”, Poker is not for those with “risky” blood.

Assuming the table has n players, then the chance that your hand has stronger links than everyone else is 1/n. Of course, this does not take into account the case that you are a tough player, capable of forcing your opponent to give up even when they hold strong cards. With a win ratio of 1/n which means that in n hands, you will win 1 game and lose (n-1) the other. The point is to know how to get the most money in the winning hand and lose the least in the losing game with knowing the right time to withdraw. Don’t be afraid to withdraw as soon as you have opened the first 3 cards, because that’s when you know clearly if your hand is strong or weak, there is no chance to win again. If you withdraw at this point you usually lose very little (often with the correct prefix), and even winning 1 match no matter how small you will get it all back. Please wait patiently until there is a strong hand to move forward, don’t play “risky” and lose “a lot”..

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Notice your position in the Poker table

The next important thing to remember is that position plays a very important role in Poker. The further down the player is in the hand, the more profitable he or she is, and the person who has the most advantage is the dealer, since he is the last person in the round. Why? Because when you are in the last position, you will know who bet, who withdrew, thereby guessing who is strong, who is weak, while others have no information about your hand. The most “hole” position is the 2 “blind” positions right to the right of the dealer, because these are the 2 positions that are required to participate in the game and are also the first 2 places to bet in each round. If you are in these two positions you must be very careful not to hit the “adventurous” style, on the contrary, if you are in the last position, it will be more comfortable.

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A few other tips when playing Poker

  • If you have a pair from the start: Don’t hesitate to place an extra bet right from the first betting round. This will put more money into the pot and cause the weaker opponent to retreat, in case they get lucky and win against you.
  • Only next when you have at least 1 pair of 10 or more after opening the first three cards, either you have a very big chance to get 1 Straight or 1 Flush.
  • Unaligned cards are useless! If you have 1, 2 and 4, 5 don’t expect the appearance of 3. Make another move or withdraw.
  • Play it a few times: If you keep playing for sure, people will guess your way of playing. It is best to spend a bit of money playing a few times to hide the play and win big when you have a strong hand.
  • Should follow when you have 4 in a row or 3 of the same suit. 4 in a row will easily turn straight, and 3 of the same suit will easily become Flush.
  • If there are 3 cards in a row in the open cards on the table ? It very easily becomes the lobby. Do not trust your 2 pairs or 3 cards too much. What if there are 3 cards of the same suit in the open cards on the table? If you don’t have anything stronger than Flush then it’s best to withdraw quietly.
  • Study your opponent’s play: what if he never takes a risk? Ok he is so predictable you just need to withdraw when he bets. On the contrary, if he plays adventure constantly, i.e. he doesn’t know how to play, play hard and eat up his money.

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