Producing a Legacy: Where Are Hondas Made?


Honda recently reached the impressive milestone of building over 30 million cars in its American plants over the last 40 years. These millions of vehicles made their way to dealerships, then owners’ homes, and dominated the roadways. 

It might surprise you that a Japanese automotive manufacturer maintains such a strong presence in the United States. So, where is Honda made? Let’s find out where Honda models get made in America. 

Where Is Honda Made?

Despite being a Japanese vehicle, your Honda was probably not made in Japan. Honda production typically takes place in the country where the vehicle is sold. Because of this, you will find Honda production and manufacturing plants worldwide. 

Honda owns and operates 12 plants in the United States. However, not all of them manufacture consumer vehicles. These plants produce Honda vehicles.  

  • Marysville, OH
  • East Liberty, OH
  • Lincoln, AL
  • Greensburg, IN
  • Timmonsville, SC
  • Swepsonville, NC

Each production plant produces specific models. The plant in Marysville has the Honda Accord, Accura TLX, and Integra. 

The East Liberty plant produces the Honda CR-V, Accura RDX, and MDX. The Civic and CR-V are made in the Lincoln plant. 

Not all Hondas sold in the American market get built in American manufacturing plants. About one-third of the vehicles sold get built in plants outside of America. 

Where Are OEM Honda Parts Made?

Honda has separate manufacturing plants for its Honda genuine components and parts. These are also made in the United States. 

  • Anna, OH
  • Russells Point, OH
  • Tallapoosa, GA
  • Burlington, NC

These additional plants contribute to Honda’s recognition as one of the most American-made vehicles. Out of the top ten, Honda models claim five positions. These rankings consider the individual component manufacturing location and the overall assembly location of the vehicle. 

First American Honda Plant 

The first Honda manufacturing plant is the one in Marysville, OH. Production began at the plant after Honda built it in 1982. 

Looking to the Future 

Honda continually looks for ways to optimize their production efforts. The auto manufacturer plans to move production of the Accord to its Indiana plant in 2025. 

Where Was Your Honda Made?

If you are curious about where Honda made your vehicle, you can figure it out by looking at your vehicle’s VIN. Your Honda’s VIN is 17 characters long. 

The first three signify the manufacturer and country. The following six are the vehicle-specific information. This information is what the dealer uses when performing your Honda maintenance

The ninth and tenth digits are the month and year of manufacturing. The 11th digit is the assembly plant. So, look for the integer and determine the associated plant for this digit in your VIN. 

  • A- Marysville, OH
  • L- East Liberty, OH
  • B- Lincoln, AL
  • E- Greensburg, IN
  • 4- Timmonsville, SC
  • J- Swepsonville, NC

Buy and Drive a Honda 

So, where is Honda made? The answer will change depending on the vehicle. Most vehicles that enter the American market are in the United States. In addition, the OEM Genuine parts used during Honda maintenance are also made in the US. 

When deciding on your next vehicle purchase, check out our helpful automotive guides. 

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