Reach Your Audience for an ROI on Marketing; Print Strategies 

ROI on Marketing

You and I know some advertising can be disruptive and we want it to end. A good place to start with our own marketing strategies is to keep that in mind. What is effective marketing? Being effective in marketing includes many ingredients. The dish served at the end should be a return on the investment. Together we will break down the rest of the recipe. 

Print marketing is a business card, flyer, postcard, brochure, poster, sign, pull up banner, mailer, newsletter, or magazine. To choose the options for your campaign you will want to identify your target demographic. Handing out magazines at a meet-and-greet is a little bulky and awkward. A business card may be more effective.

  • Local businesses and stores use posters frequently. Corporations can mass print and distribute the same marketing package to all locations or franchises. Posters can be seasonal advertisements or signage for a concert. 
  • If you are starting your own business with limited resources a brochure campaign could help in customer capture. In your market research, you will identify where you can place them for greater distribution. This builds relationships in the community and that leads to good word-of-mouth. That is the best advertising available.
  • Retail stores, special event speakers, and presenters at assemblies can all use pull-up banners. They can include LED lighting and energetic styling to catch attention while presenting a crisp message.
  • Another relationship builder is a newsletter. Keeping in touch with your customers builds credibility, shares information, and slues them in on what’s ahead. You can provide a personal touch and share more of your personality.
  • A mailer can be used to reach new customers directly. They are generally used for “cold contact” with people who do not know your business. 
  • A magazine offers a deeper dive into a particular industry sector. Better Homes & Gardens has a wide demographic due to diverse content on applicable topics to many people. You will need to outsource this printing for the best quality.

Conducting your demographic research will assist in proper planning and budgeting. How will use your goods, services, or products? What are their ages, income, family status, education, gender, nationality, education level, location, etc? These characteristics will help you create your marketing strategy. 

Converting contacts into sales is the goal of marketing. Other goals can be brand engagement and recognition. Marketing can generate leads for new customers, and increase customer satisfaction and consideration. Your marketing package should also include increasing your social media presence.

Print marketing is vital but to dismiss the access to millions on the internet would be foolish. You can use your designs to create online marketing content. Brand continuity is important, keep your online content and print marketing campaigns synchronized to establish better brand authority. Engaging customers online is an entirely different medium, which presents entirely different advantages and issues. 

Whichever you choose to reach out to your new or current customers remember to not be disruptive or annoying. Everyone is not your target market and your target market will need to hear, see, and read about you at least seven times before purchase. 

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