Regenjas Dames – The Advantages & How To Choose The Best

Regenjas Dames

Raincoats are a big savior for those days when you need to work hard despite the rain or storm. Although umbrellas offer a great deal of protection, they are not as convenient as raincoats. Handling a raincoat during a rainy day is a lesser cumbersome task than an umbrella. So, in this article, let us explore some benefits or reasons to buy regenjas dames, and also how to pick the best one. 

Advantages Of Regenjas Dames

Holding an umbrella can become very hard during windy weather conditions. During such situations, a raincoat is your knight in shining armor. It is one of the best options in the worst-case scenarios. Raincoats are lightweight, you can carry them with ease while you are driving. Carrying an umbrella in this case is almost impossible. There are so many raincoats available in pouches that are flexible and would easily fit into your backpack. You can also experiment with several shades, looks, styles, and fits. 

Top 4 Things To Help You Choose The Best Regenjas Dames

Waterproof Fabric

The first thing to look for in a raincoat is waterproof fabric. A raincoat from a decent brand will use the best quality treatment or repellent fabric. Most brands that use such kinds of fabrics in the construction of their raincoats use them during manufacturing.

 The kind of fabric they used to manufacture the raincoat will tell how waterproof the raincoat is going to be. Take note of the fabric used during manufacturing to decide the level of waterproofness. A waterproof or water-repellent fabric is two different things.

Make sure you consider this while purchasing your raincoat. Always remember, waterproof fabric is worlds apart from repellent fabric. While the waterproof fabric is tested in the laboratory using the water column and hydrostatic head, which tests the tallness water column.The water-repellent fabrics, on the other hand, will consist of a coating that is meant to repel water. This water coating usually becomes less effective over time. There will be a need to reapply it after some time. 

In general, a fabric is considered water repellent if it can resist 3000mm of water. However, certain kinds of fabrics can increase the water repellence to 10000mm. Above this, the breathability might have to be compromised to increase the level of water repellence of your raincoat.

Sealed Seams

You might end up investing in a raincoat that claims it is waterproof up to 20000mm, but if its seams have not been sealed properly, then it might as well leak. Sewn seams majorly make an area of weakness as the water might find its way within the raincoat. This situation can leave you wet despite high-spec fabric shelter. This is why it is highly important to seal the major seams of the raincoat using special waterproof tape. 

A raincoat that has not been seamed fully, won’t be entirely waterproof. These unsealed seams can often make you entirely wet during strong downpours. Invest in a truly waterproof coat with the best-sealed seams to have the best experience. All the raincoats from The Little Green Bag have intricately seamed seals to offer you the best protection during rain and storm.

A Good Hood

Now that you have put on your raincoat, do you find there is something incomplete or something you forgot to look for? Well, getting a raincoat with a good hood needs to be your next consideration. How do you make out which hood will be better in comparison to the other? It will adjust itself according to the weather conditions and won’t blow off with the wind pressure. The raincoat will even have toggles that you could pull out to tighten the hood around the face. You will not think about all this when you are in a downpour. However, we are here for you to guide you so you can make the best purchase decision when it comes to raincoats.

The raincoat hood needs to have a small peak there on the front. This will enable the raincoat to give your eyes shelter. This will allow you to look in the forward direction and see what is ahead of you. The best quality raincoat will even permit you to not just walk but also run in the windy and rainy weather any day. You can check out regenjas dames range at Getting a suitable raincoat that has an adjustable hood along with a lightweight jacket style finish, will take your best care during the stormiest of days. 


Now that you have figured out the raincoat you want that is waterproof, seam sealed, and comes with a hood, running or walking in rain is no longer a hassle. However, your raincoat also needs to be breathable and not just rubberish. Imagine sweating all time long in a rubberish-like raincoat, feels very dissatisfying right? This is why you need to invest in a breathable raincoat fabric. Yes, you need to keep off the rain but don’t forget all about the perspiration and water vapor that the rainy or stormy weather creates. 

A breathable raincoat fabric will not only absorb the moisture but will also release the moisture. This breathability of a raincoat is measured in MVP or moisture vapor perspiration. The more the MVP in the fabric, the more warmth it is going to offer. The best way to decide whether or not you want a basic or high-level breathable fabric is one buying decision that will depend on your daily usage and the kind of weather in your region. 

If you want to enjoy breathability, then investing in a light raincoat will serve as the best buying decision. A fabric with good breathability will help you moderate your body temperature while you are hiking, walking, or doing any other form of exercise. 

These are the top 4 recommendations that you must consider if you are looking for a good and dependable companion for yourself. Cheers to happy waterproof days!

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