Residential Kitchen Appliances; The Essentials for Homecooked Healthy Meals

Residential Kitchen Appliances

Are you someone who has been cooking at home for years? Has the desire to control your diet quality swayed you to eat at home? Whether you are a fresh cook or a seasoned professional, there are proper tools to make your time cooking for loved ones and yourself more enjoyable for everyone.

People can debate any topic. When it comes to the most important tool in the kitchen, it is your mind. The next most important is a quality knife and knife skills. What we are addressing today is powered kitchen equipment, its advantages, and its uses. Which of these do you use, and which are you considering adding to your toolbox?

  • About 3000 years ago humans broke the idea of chipping ice into blocks used in enclosures to increase food life. Refrigeration in the 1700s was too big for home use. Not until the early 20th Century was domestic refrigeration mass-produced. Is your refrigerator running? Keep it clean and mind your food life with clear labelling to prevent contamination and sickness or death.
  • Our food and preparation are older than our recorded history. Our first cooked meals were of fish 780,000 years ago. However, no evidence of utensils or tools appear until 20,000 years back. Rocks in or near open fires were the initial cooktop range. Imagine the first 4-burner setup of rocks? There are certainly more options than wood to heat your range. Whatever you choose; include good ventilation for fumes and oil vapours.
  • Today, under our range, you will find our oven. The first ovens were discovered under the ashes of Pompeii. In the Middle Ages, we used ceramic ovens instead of earth, from there phases of changes in fuel from wood, coal, oil, gas, and electricity. Designed for the thermal retention and control needed for long cooking processes; modern ovens are efficient and intelligent.
  • When you make a mess, someone has to clean it up. Dishwasher integration into residential kitchens has accelerated since the early ‘90s. These hard-working time and effort-saving machines are programmable and clean your dining wear to a sanitized level. Check the power and water usage rates before installation. 
  • Wide use of electrically powered kitchen equipment was not prevalent until after the 1920s. Everything was mixed by hand. Generations of cooks and chefs suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome due to the repetitive motions of stirring and mixing. Kitchen Aid is a household name, and Hobart is more familiar on a commercial level of powered mixers.
  • A ubiquitous piece of kitchen equipment I avoid is the microwave. Current research shows microwaves change the atomic composition of food so much that the body will not recognize some food you ingest and send it directly to your fat storage. An absolute time saver, but at what cost?

Food is life, and preparing meals for others is love. We’ve been preparing sustenance for 780,000 years and we still need to eat. Your attitude while cooking can change the end product of your meals. Create a comfortable, functional workshop for your sustenance. 

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