Secure Driving Instructor Insurance.

Driving Instructor Insurance

If you are a driving instructor, you might very well know the risk of teaching a heavy machine to a completely unskilled human in that area. Accidents by car are very common nowadays. This is a potential threat to all the driving instructors. Some of the instructors might have bought various kinds of insurance, but different types of insurance cover different types of damage. You may never know what will happen to you. So insurance companies have designed a special type of insurance that is called driving instructor insurance, which is specially designed to cover all kinds of damage that may occur to the instructor.

What is Driving Instructor Insurance?

Before we get into purchasing driving instructor insurance, let us first understand what it is and why it is important. If you are a professional driving instructor and a skilled driver, there is always a risk of uncertainty occurring, as you are teaching how to operate vehicles to a completely new driver and accidents can occur even with a slight problem with the student. It can even be as simple as getting nervous or the student might get confused between the pedals.

This teaching is business for the instructor, and his or her livelihood depends on his profession. You might consider it business insurance. That’s why this type of insurance is more expensive than standard car insurance. You can also buy driving instructor insurance while you are at the learning stage of being a professional instructor and not an approved driving instructor. To become an approved driving instructor, there are three stages you’ll have to clear.

Stage 1: Multiple Choice Questions and Perception of Danger

Stage 2: Vehicle capability questions, driving ability tests, and vision screening

Stage 3: Putting your teaching techniques and abilities to the test

Why is the driving instructor’s insurance expensive?

Driving instructor insurance policies tend to be far more expensive than standard auto insurance policies. So, why is there a difference in the price? The reason is that students who are at the learning stage increase the chance of getting involved in an accident. Your car is used all day, so it gets under a lot of strain, which brings down the effectiveness of the clutch and brakes. These are the reasons that create chances of your car breaking down at certain points. And that’s not all. The instructor is at far more risk than any other standard driver. Every different instructor has different kinds of requirements and they usually go looking for different features of insurance. Some of them are listed below:

  • Any driver (including learners) covered
  • A replacement dual-control car
  • modified vehicle cover.
  • Negligent tuition covers
  • Driving off-road cover
  • Breakdown cover

The insurance has many covers and factors that an instructor must consider when selecting an appropriate policy, and the math is simple: the more your requirements in coverage, the higher the premium. Of course, it’s not just the coverage that affects the cost of your policy —

Factors affecting driving instructors’ insurance

  • Which type of instructor are you? PDIs have a six-month probationary period. So during this period, if you want to look for an insurance policy, the prices will be higher for you than usual. Approved driving instructors comparatively have a low premium because their experience is taken into account.
  • Which car do you have? If you have looked into standard car insurance, then you might be aware that even the type of car can affect the cost of policies. Even very simple things can reduce or increase your premium. Those simple things can be even the size of the engine or even the transmission of your car. They could play a role. For example, if you have an automatic car, the cost might be less than if you have a manual car because a manual car’s clutch and brake can wear down.
  • Where do you live? As with standard car insurance, location can play a large role in the price of your driving instructor insurance policy. Well, this is a factor that is out of our hands, and we can’t control it. If your locality is more prone to thefts and attacks, then the insurance companies have a high risk of paying you out. So in this scenario, what they do is charge you additional premiums on the policy.
  • Which type of coverage are you looking for? If you pick a policy that covers more factors, then the rates would naturally be higher. You need to find out which policy has the best coverage at the most affordable rate. There is also a chance that two different providers will offer you the same policy at different rates. It’s up to you to choose wisely.

How and where to buy driving instructor insurance?

In the United Kingdom, driving instructor insurance is compulsory if you want to pursue your career in this direction. There are a lot of companies offering various types of insurance. However, you will find it very difficult to find a low-cost premium with broad coverage. But worry not, as Total Insurance will help you get your perfect insurance at an affordable price range.

Total Insurance

Total Insurance is not an insurance company, it is a platform where you can find the best driving instructor insurance at an affordable rate. You just need to apply for insurance and they will find out which insurance would be perfectly appropriate for you and will provide you with the quotations, and by picking the right insurance you will save a lot of money.

They work with many driving instructor specialists who help you to find the right insurance at the right price. They will search through a lot of policies and will give you the quotation of the best policies and you will have the choice to compare every policy and choose the best suitable policy which will provide you maximum coverage at a cheap price. And if your dual control vehicle gets into an accident they will replace it for you so that your business keeps running.

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