Self-Loving Ways to Change Your Appearance


Unfortunately, everyone goes through phases of not liking their reflection, which leaves many wondering how they can make changes to their appearance. Despite this, when it comes to making a change to how you look, it’s not about moving further away from who you are. Instead, it should be about changing yourself to be the best, healthiest, and most comfortable version of you. 

Therefore, we’re not talking about the “teen movie glow up”, in which the girl removes her glasses and straightens her hair, and suddenly she’s beautiful (mainly because glasses and curly hair are beautiful.) Instead, we’re talking about healthy changes that you can make to be the most beautiful version of you. 

Pay Attention to Your Teeth

First and foremost, your teeth are really important. This isn’t to say if you don’t have a perfectly straight and gleaming white Hollywood smile you need to be investing thousands in Invisalign or teeth whitening. Despite this, you should be practicing good dental hygiene by brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and flossing. Be realistic about your smile goals, as your natural teeth aren’t going to look like the glistening veneers that you see on your favorite celebrities. Despite this, a clean smile is a happy smile and it’s sure to improve your appearance. 

Buy and Wear Clothes that Fit

If you’re not too happy in your current figure, it can be tempting to buy clothes that don’t actually fit you. Whether you’re trying to hide yourself under clothes that are three sizes too big or buying items that are three sizes too small as “inspiration”, this isn’t the way to go. Ultimately, you’re going to look your best in clothes that were made to fit you, and if you look your best, you’ll also feel your best. It’s also worth remembering that we all have different bodies and we’re not all meant to look the same. If you’re healthy, you should be happy. 

Exercise and Eat Well

Of course, if you’d like to lose a little weight, then you’ll need to exercise and eat the right foods. Despite this, exercising and eating well doesn’t just affect your weight. Exercise releases endorphins, which make you happy and when you smile, you’re instantly more attractive. Similarly, eating fresh fruit and veg gives you a healthy “glow”, hydrating your skin and making you shine. Furthermore, if you feel you could do with losing a bit of weight, always make sure that you focus on looking healthy rather than skinny. Your goals should always be realistic, and you shouldn’t beat yourself up for not achieving the impossible. 

Get Your Hair Done Regularly

Getting your hair done can make you feel like a new person, and this is exactly the feeling you need if you’re feeling like you’re in a bit of a slump. Six to eight weeks is the ideal length of time to leave between your haircuts, as removing the ends this regularly keeps your hair looking healthy. Additionally, it may sound backwards, but getting your haircut regularly actually aids its growth, as unhealthy hair will be stunted. What’s more, the feeling of being pampered can help you relax and makes you feel special, which will shine through in your appearance. 

Spend Time in Fresh Air

Last but certainly not least, you should spend time in fresh air as much as you can, as this allows your skin to breathe. As a result, your skin will be healthy and happy, which will mean it will boast that glow that everyone is looking for. Well cared for skin is up there with well looked after teeth. 

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