Shivam Madaan: The man behind Digital Pitaara

Digital Pitaara

Shivam Madaan: The man behind Digital Pitaara who contemplated the digitization of media publication, has now launched his own digital news venture ‘The daily Beat’

“Delivering news that adds some value to the life of audiences’ is the chief principle of being a journalist, says the journalist, a digital marketer and a writer Shivam Madaan who manifested the quality of content across media houses with his venture Digital Pitaara”

Needless to mention, journalism is an integral part of today’ digital media, such as social media, digital marketing, advertising and any business that involves creating content at a professional level. Reigning the media industries all across Punjab ever since 2009, Shivam Madaan has alleviated more than thirty media publications to turn to digital mode. Journalism has taught him to write, speak and tell stories and with this practice of journalism he made a mark with his own digital news venture ‘

Before launching ‘Digital Pitaara’ and ‘The daily beat’ initially he began from Local Fazilka established in Punjab, the spell binding personality Shivam decided to work for his city first and then spread his wings across the country together with overseas. Crediting to his tireless efforts he got certified on Google and Facebook Journalism Project as a digital marketer. He gradually began to serve media houses for their digital needs by optimizing their social handles with his digital marketing company, Digital Pitaara.

It is paramount to fortify that in the evolving era of technology, media publications and journalists make complete use of digital solutions to reach the masses and deliver newsworthy content establishing effective communication this gave him understanding how media business works. With his virtuosity in website optimization and social media management, he planned on proposing more newspapers to make use of the advancement in technologies for reaching a wider audience. He channelized himself and created ‘Thedailybeat’ to make a difference in the most realistic way possible.

With a dream to make a difference, owing to his expertise and experience in the field, Shivam says, “While I work I do not consider it to be a job that needs to be done for a client. For me, it is something that means much more than that and is my task. That way I always ensure that I deliver my best in all fields and leave no areas of complaint with my work”. “For every aspiring journalist, I’d like to suggest that you find your style to connect with the audience, your unique identity is what makes you stand out among the rest”, he added.

Early Life and work

Shivam started working at a very early age right after completing his schooling. He completed his bachelor’s from Punjab, soon after completing his education he started to work as a web developer; however he always had a dream of creating a personalized experience for the people of Punjab someday. His exceptional knowledge in software developing skill and a dream in his eyes encouraged him to launch Fazilka Online, an information portal and news website for the city that delivers the latest updates from district Fazilka, Punjab.

Later on, he started working for digital news platforms in Punjab providing with myriad of services like managing their websites, social media, and all digital needs under his company Digital Pitara. With rich experience of more than ten years, his innovative skill has created a stir in digital media publications as a game changer in the Industry.

In the words of the humble Journalist “The audience’s love and support has given me the courage to move ahead with my two ventures successfully with utmost conviction, and this is the most prized possession that I own which is beyond any award to be cherished forever”

The story of ‘The Daily Beat’

The daily beat is one of the most updated and encouraging news website in today’s era that covers Indian content. It is one of the most spoken digital news platforms that add value and motivation to the stories of all the personalities including authors, entrepreneurs, pioneers, singers and so on from all around the world. The daily beat publishes innovative news articles on daily basis offering everything from sports to entertainment sector with an engagement of over millions of readers all across the globe. Shivam Madaan serves as the founder of the made in India news venture ‘’.

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