Smartphone Gadgets that make Your Life Smarter

Smartphone Gadgets

For working in this competitive world Smartphone are really fantastic devices. This palm-sized gadget combines hundreds of digital tasks. You can use the phone book, calendar to the clock, camera, and music player. In addition, there are several cell phone accessories that allow you to take your phone to the next level. You can avail these accessories online or from your local electronics market. Many accessories such as case cover, portable printer, and cell phone stand. You can choose important accessories as per your daily need.

This blog focus on the smartphone gadgets that make your life smarter. We are collecting a list of gadgets below able you to make your smartphone even smarter. Let’s take a closer look.

12 Smartphone Gadgets that make Your Life Smarter:

1. Yale-LiftMaster:

LiftMaster is a smart lock system that allows you to control and access your home’s locks using your smartphone instead of using keys. You may install it on any or all entrance points on your personal or commercial property and it will provide you with capabilities such as opening and closing doors with your smartphone, receiving notifications, scheduling door locking and syncing with other smart devices.

Smart locks from LiftMaster connect to your phone via the myQ app and include features like a smart keypad lever and a smart touchscreen deadbolt, among others. Through the app’s guest feature, you can also let anyone into your home remotely and share your location’s access.

2. SmartStart Viper:

Smartstart viper can start remotely your vehicle, lock and unlock its doors. You can also diagnose Trouble Code that helps you to determine if something wrong. By signing up for a servicing plan anyone can fit it like a professional in your vehicle.

3. Pico-Genie:

It is a portable HD projector that can configure with your smartphone. In addition, it can provide an incredible viewing experience. By using it you can take your little theatre anywhere. It is small in size and has long battery life. There are incredible technical features, such as built-in high-quality speakers, Bluetooth, HDMI, Wi-Fi, and USB connectivity.

4. Xenvo-Pro-Lens-Kit:

We all want to see high-quality pictures and videos. So, Xenvo Pro Lens Kit is an effective tool for Selfie lovers. There are several lenses such as Clarus 15x Macro lens, TruView 0.45x wide-angle lens, and TruGrip lens clip.

These all provide you a fantastic mobile photography experience. All the kit’s lenses are high-quality and also you outstanding results. In addition, it is a portable device so you can easily carry them in your bag while traveling.

5. Tile Mate:

Tile Mate is a multi-purpose tracker that connects to your phone by Bluetooth and can be attached to anything due to the risk of being stolen. After connecting to your phone, you can use it to discover your belongings within 200 feet using Tile App.

Tile, capable of works in both directions, so you may use it to locate your phone. Just need to double-press, your phone will ring. Furthermore, Tile is a fantastic tracking device due to its small size and removable battery.

6. COOBILE-Mobile-Game-Controller:

If you are a game lover and like to play with your friend, this gadget is made for you. There are many games in which multiplayer are required. While playing multiplayer games you feel it is a one-size-fits-all controller that works with the latest Smartphones and operating systems.

7. Auxiwa-Clip-on-Selfie-Ring-Light:

In recent years vlogging has become popular and users are using many smartphone accessories. Selfie-ring-light is one of them and a beneficial item for Selfie enthusiasts.

While making the high-quality video we need natural light but if you recording at night you need sufficient lighting.  By using this device you can achieve the finest results. The light is capable to work with any smartphone’s both front and rear cameras.

8. KiiPix-Portable-Photo-Printer:

This incredible portable photo printer is compact and easy to use anywhere. Just need to lay down the film paper, align your smartphone on top of it with the desired image. You will surprise to know that this printer is unique and does not require batteries to operate. Moreover, the printer’s two sides may be folded flat for carrying it from one place to another.

9. Gosky-Universal-Cell-Phone-Adapter-Mount:

While recording videos you want to make stable videos. By using this mount you can secure your phone and maintains it stable. The body of the mount is manufactured of zinc alloy, while the phone clamp is made of high-quality material plastic. You can easily use the attachment to prepare videos and photographs on your smartphone.

10.  Apple iPhone USB Flash Drive:

We all save our important information such as documents, pictures, videos in digital form. Due to this, we face the issue of mobile memory out of space. But by using a flash drive help you to never run out of storage space. This flash drive has a large storage capacity that allows you to keep a variety of information, including images and documents.

11. Screen-Magnifier:

It is a 3D HD mobile phone magnifier that is able to turn your smartphone into a projector. By using it can receive a movie experience from your phone. Its rotating folding design allows you can take it anywhere.

There is no need for any connection it can easily connect with your smartphone. You can use it for relieving the discomfort and visual fatigue caused by staring at a small screen for a long duration.

12. Skybasic-Mini-Digital-Microscope:

Mini digital microscope connects wirelessly to your smartphone. It is able you to see the tiny details that your human eye can’t able to see. Using the 2 MP cameras, you may take pictures and record video in high quality. This digital microscope connects to your smartphone through an Android or iOS app.

Final Words

In conclusion, we hope that using these cell phone accessories is very helpful for your daily needs. You can easily enhance your productivity by using the latest technology devices. All gadgets have their own importance. So we can’t ignore anyone from them for example cell phone stand offers your device stability. But everyone has different needs so you can use them according to your requirement.

Thanks for reading!

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