Some of the Best Places to Visit in Vietnam

Visit in Vietnam

Vietnam is a perfect blend of natural highlights and cultural diversity. It is a long and narrow country squeezed between the Laos and Cambodia borders and the South China Sea. 

Are you planning Vietnam tours soon? The place has a land of striking landscapes with lush rice terraces and forested mountains. It tops many people’s bucket lists with some amazing spots that can never be skipped. 

What are the best places to visit in Vietnam?

  1. Hanoi 

This is a bustling capital city of Vietnam, where motorbikes weave you through the roads. As a tourist attractions the worth visiting places are Tran Quoc Pagoda, Buddhist Temple on West Lake, Presidential Palace, and Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. The area has quite a lot to offer as it is filled with the energy of the young generation. Some famous locations are:

  •  Imperial Citadel of Thang Long

A place where history comes alive. It has been the former political centre of the country for more than 13 uninterrupted centuries. It is a famous Vietnam tourist spot. The place is an amazing vintage fortress that reflects the military power of the Vietnamese. Archaeological expeditions have found palaces, wells, potteries, coins, and age-old war remnants. 

  • Hoan Kiem Lake and Ngoc Son 

Suppose you plan to invest in some Vietnam holiday packages with family and want to spend your time beside a lake. The famous one is Turtle lake, known for its natural beauty, and a must-visit stop in Vietnam. Emphasizing the beauty, there is a Ngoc Son Temple situated in the middle of the lake. It is linked with a small bridge to the mainland, an island and temple with a fantastic background. 

  1. Halong Bay

It is a seascape of Halong Bay is the best place to visit for spellbinding sea views. The area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Thousands of limestone islands are available at the bay in the Gulf of Tonkin. There are plenty of caves that can be entered, including the Hang Sung Sot, which has three mammoth caverns, and Hand Doa Go. The best way to discover the bay is by an overnight cruise for 2 or 3 days. This gives you an immense experience of cruise and exploring places better.

  1. Ho Chi Minh City 

This is a modern metropolitan city with a place dull of tourist attractions, history, and to know Vietnam closely. It is a big city in Southeast Asia when it comes to traffic jams, nightlife activities, and tons of amazing things to do. The town is a great addition to your Vietnam tour package as it is home to the Vietnam War Museum. The place covers the dark past of the war, and you get to know where the people of Vietnam come from. 

  1. Cu Chi Tunnel 

It is a small town of Cu Chi where you can find a Vietnam War network of connecting tunnels. They were used by the Viet Cong that drive the US forces out of the country. This is one of many connecting tunnels that tourists visit during their day trips or organized tour package for Vietnam. It gives you a better understanding of the Vietnam War. The tunnels are extremely narrow and humid. So, if you are interested in history and learning more about Viet Cong Soldiers, this is a must-visit places.  

  1. Hoi An 

This is the most photogenic town in Vietnam. Hoi An is an ancient port town that was an important Southeast Asian trading port. It is a perfect blend of foreign and traditional influences on the architecture of the ancient towns. It draws a ton of tourists from around the globe. Sometimes the place is packed by the river at night as it is just too beautiful. People will spend their time exploring the streets of ancient town, Japanese bridge, and having food at many pleasant restaurants. 

  1. Phong Nha 

If you are getting Vietnam holiday packages, include this place when you want a little adventure and cave region. It is the largest cave in the world, namely Son Doong Cave. This is also very few places on the list that are considered an off-beaten path in Vietnam. The area is extremely remote and surrounded by Sandstone Mountains and rice paddies. It has the most beautiful and amazing natural caves in the world. 

  1. Sapa 

The area is full of hills and mountains with rice terraces used to hike in the the cool breeze of the highland. This is a home to the Black Hmong minorities where people will be trying to sell your trinkets. It offers a unique experience by staying in the homestay with locals, hiking around rice fields, and exploring hills on a motorbike. There are Love Waterfall and Silver Waterfall situated at the top of Fansipan Mountain. 

  1. Golden Bridge in Da Nang

It is a new architectural construction that sets the location inside the Bana Hills entertainment. The bridge is situated at a height of 1.4 metres above sea level, and it is stretched about 150 metres long. It portrays an image of a huge couple of ancient hands lifting the bridge. 

If you are planning to visit this place, know that it opens at 8 in the morning to 6:30 in the evening. You will see a rush of people around 9 and 5 as people want to catch the sunrise and sunset moments at this place.  

The place is not limited to golden bridge, you can visit the fantasy Park, Flower gardens, French Village, or take a tour around the hilltop by train. 

  1. Pu Long 

This is a nature reserve which is situated around 4 hours from Hanoi city. This remains off trail from the tourists but it is the most accessible place to view the beauty of Vietnam. The place has two parallel ranges of mountains which makes it a scenic and rustic vintage village. 

This is a perfect destination if you want to experience homestays or relax during the tour. It has a world-class atmosphere to keep your mind at peace.

What are the tips you need on Vietnam tour packages?

  • What to pack: Take your camera, electronic devices, hiking and camping, and travel gear.
  • Flights: You need to look through multiple applications to explore affordable and great deals from your home to Vietnam. 
  • Accommodation: It is vital to choose the right hotels and hostels at the correct price. Various platforms offer amazing deals. 
  • Homestays: You get to meet the locals and have access to a piece of better information about the place in detail. 
  • Transportation: It is important to know about the bus and train schedules in the country. 
  • Car Rentals: Some various places and applications are reliable for finding vehicles in Vietnam.
  • Trips and Tours: It would be great to have a trip advisor to explore great activities and places in your Vietnam tour package. 
  • Tickets and Discounts: There are multiple websites where you can get cheap deals to visit tourist attractions and hidden gems of Vietnamese culture. 

The Final Tip!

Vietnam is a one-stop destination that offers everything to tourists. Whether you wish to mingle with the hypnotizing beauty of paces or want to immerse in the cultural ethnicities or bike rides in the countryside. check more tourist destinations in Vietnam and  Plan your Vietnam tours after deciding the travel, stay, and destinations to avoid any last moment hassle. 

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