Sources of Professional Legal Assistance in Los Angeles

Legal Assistance

For individuals who need professional Legal Assistance in Los Angeles with a matter and cannot afford a private attorney, there are several sources that can provide assistance. Various organizations offer referrals for legal aid / pro bono attorneys and paralegals. with a matter and cannot afford a private attorney, there are several sources that can provide assistance. Various organizations offer referrals for legal aid / pro bono attorneys and paralegals.

Protecting the rights of low-income communities is a core focus of NLSLA’s work, from individual representation and high impact litigation to community education. NLSLA works to preserve affordable housing and fight unlawful evictions, improve access to government benefits, and advocate for domestic violence survivors.

Legal Aid / Pro Bono

ICLS’s pro bono programs address critical legal issues that disproportionately affect poor communities, including housing and eviction defense, family law, access to public benefits, support for victims of domestic violence and their children, and employment and civil rights. Programs are delivered by a team of attorneys, advocates, paralegals and social workers.

Interested in volunteering? There are many opportunities available for attorneys, law students, paralegals and undergraduate students. These projects vary in length and scope, but all focus on providing free legal assistance to vulnerable members of our community.

Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles (“LAFLA”) offers several volunteer opportunities for attorneys, including staffing legal clinics, handling a short-term or major impact case, or conducting educational outreach and trainings. Attorneys working on these projects are assigned pre-screened cases that have significant legal merit and qualify for fee waivers. The projects are supervised by experienced attorneys and are limited to three hours per week. Those interested in volunteering can sign up through SmartLaw.

Paralegal Associations

In January, a mass shooting at a local hotel left low-income farmworkers in shock. Legal Aid SMC immediately stepped in to assess their legal needs and provide assistance. They offer free civil legal services to those with incomes below 200% of the poverty line, including family law, housing, immigration, consumer rights, eviction defense and public benefits.

The Pittsburgh Paralegal Association (PPA) is a non-profit, voluntary professional organization with a membership consisting of paralegals in the Greater Pittsburgh area and students in recognized paralegal educational programs. PPA’s mission is to promote, expand and improve the paralegal profession.

The Houston Metropolitan Paralegal Association (HMPA) is a non-profit, voluntary association with over 700 members in the Houston area. HMPA’s mission is to promote the advancement of paralegals and their continuing education, as well as uphold a high standard of professionalism in the legal community. HMPA is affiliated with the National Association of Paralegals, and maintains an active relationship with attorneys, local, state and national Bar Associations.

Online Resources

Online legal services like Rocket Lawyer and LegalMatch offer a cost-effective way to get expert advice on common legal topics. They connect you with an attorney based on your location and the type of legal issue you’re looking for help with. They also have a library of resources that can help you create documents or resolve simple issues without the need for an attorney.

Some people may need a lawyer for a one-time event like a foreclosure or eviction, or to file paperwork. Other times, they need a lawyer to help them with an ongoing business matter like creating an LLC or filing for bankruptcy. In these situations, finding a local lawyer referral service is usually the best option.

Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles (LAFLA) is a front line law firm that provides free civil legal representation for poor and low-income individuals in LA County. They prioritize legal areas that disproportionately affect those living in poverty including family law, housing and eviction defense, and public benefits.

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