Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing with Image Analysis

Social Media Marketing

Introduction: What is Image Analysis?

Image analysis, the process of automatically analyzing digital images using artificial intelligence, is a crucial part of the modern day marketing process. Brands and companies are able to use this technology to better understand their customers and create more targeted marketing campaigns.

At its core, it is a form of advanced computer vision that can analyze and classify images of any kind. This process can be used for many purposes such as to detect, identify, and categorize objects in an image by comparing it with a database of images. The software will then generate a report that includes the location and size of the object or feature found in the image.

What this means for you as a marketer is that you can use this process to monitor posts featuring your brand on social media.

Benefits for Social Media Marketing

One of the challenges of being a marketer in the modern era is how to measure consumer perception of your brand. With hundreds of millions of images being posted on social media daily, you’ll need serious assistance in order to make sense of where your brand stands in the commotion.

That’s where image analysis comes in. Using AI, this software can recognize brand logos and products, and return any posts found featuring the target.

If you only search posts using keywords, you may miss out on important associations that your customers have with your brand. Analyzing the images with AI gets around this by noting what text is being included along with the posted photos.

This technique can help you see how well your marketing messages featuring the brand are doing. You can also achieve insight into what type of content your followers are interested in, and identify the best times to post.

Monitor Brand Perception and Maintain a Positive Reputation

Image analysis doesn’t just help your brand grow, it can also safeguard your brand’s existing mindshare.

You can use the technique to identify when a post is associating your brand with an undesired keyword or a negative sentiment. It also helps you recognize when your logos are being misused, and even catch counterfeit products if they appear.

By analyzing posted images automatically, you can target new influencers who can help you gain traction with consumers, and avoid the ones who may negatively affect your brand.

And all of the above techniques can be used to monitor your competitors’ performance on social media, too. This enables you to pivot your marketing strategy on the fly to gain advantage in changing conditions.

Why You Should Use Image Analysis For Your Next Campaign Or Project

The ability to automatically recognize logos and products in images is a game-changer. Savvy marketers are currently adopting this state-of-the-art technique to monitor their brand performance.

Stay one step ahead of your competitors by making a plan on how you can incorporate image analysis techniques into your next project. Better yet, take action now and contact us today for key insights into how we can elevate your marketing process to the next level.

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