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Festive Sarees

We all know that India is a place of numerous celebrations. As a reminder of Indian heritage and culture, several festivities are held. Numerous customs are followed during celebrating holidays like Teej, Karva Chauth, Diwali, and others. But throughout these events, women invariably follow the same practice. It is typical for women to wear their most beautiful traditional sarees during festivals.

Nowadays, women are mostly switching to salwar or tops, but when it comes to festive wear, sarees define the culture in the best way ever. 

Design Overview

In terms of designs, colour schemes, and mood, festive sarees are slightly different from bridal sarees. You can also choose casual sarees with a few designs for festivals. Nowadays, you can even buy festive sarees online. Sarees don’t have to be strictly conventional; modern styles and patterns can now be applied to the same garment. Beyond just being ceremonial, festivals these days are more about family gatherings. Due to the aforementioned, women prefer to wear lighter sarees. Comfortable patterns and designs are significantly more popular in sarees. When it comes to the materials that can be used, Indian sarees are fairly versatile. Since sarees can be manufactured from any material, they can be worn in all types of weather.

Festive saree designs can also include complete scenes, swirls, and stylized abstractions, as seen in Banarasi sarees. However, natural motifs like leaves, fruits, flowers, birds, and animals are more common, as in Kanjeevaram sarees or Maheshwari sarees. Regardless of the motif, the pattern is usually extremely detailed, covering the entire saree and giving the thick borders a dazzling, weighty vibe, as in Chanderi sarees or Maheshwari Sarees.

Let’s see some famous Indian festive sarees best suited for festive events:

  • The most well-known festive saree from South India is the Kanjeevaram silk saree. It is renowned for the clash of colours. A typical Kanjeevaram silk saree will have patterns like temple borders, checks, stripes, and flower booties.

    Because three different woven fabrics must be interlocked to create this saree, it is pricey. This festive saree, which features gold or silver thread work, is more akin to investments, particularly when worn with the appropriate blouse styles. Additionally, the Kanjeevaram silk saree creates religious designs influenced by mythology and temple architecture.
  • The Banarasi saree, made of the finest silk, is from Varanasi. Beautiful gold and silver brocade motifs on the saree draw heavily on Mughal aesthetics. Because of this, every woman has to own this exquisite festive saree as festive wear. Most Bengali brides still prefer traditional Banarasi sarees as festive wear during Puja.
  • The Madhya Pradesh Chanderi saree has a beautiful, spotless sheen. The fabric is light as air by weaving cotton with silk and zari, making it suitable for festive wear. This festive saree is appropriate for festivities and celebrations because of its opulent feel. This drape would look stunning at any festive event because the handloom weave’s delicious texture makes it worthy of festive wear.
  • The most well-known festive saree made in India is the stunning Maheshwari sarees. The Maheshwari saree was originally crafted from 100 percent silk. Then over time, this festive saree started to be fashioned with pure cotton and a blend of cotton and silk (silk yarn in the warp and cotton in the weft) with a stylish design.

    Maheshwari sarees are currently made with wool as well. Compared to the Kanchipuram sarees of South India, this festive saree is incredibly light in weight, making it comfy festive wear for all occasions and weather. Perfect festive wear comprises lightweight and comfortable material.


A festive saree can save the day if you are unsure about what to dress for a festival. Yes! The festive saree is the most flexible festive wear for every occasion and festival. A well-selected festive saree from offline stores or websites like Taneira is advantageous for any event.

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