The Beginner’s Guide to Kubernetes Migration

Kubernetes Migration

Kubernetes has revolutionized the world of computing and programming, providing a host of services like never before on the market. To many, the cloud-based orchestration system is a generic solution and provides the way forward in a dynamic technological world, and they are not far from the truth.

If you are worried about transferring your application to Kubernetes, and the implications that this action has on your productivity, the app itself, and your products, then fear not. You are one among an increasing number of people interested in the company. Below is a list of simple steps to keep in mind to ensure a smooth transition.

Create a goal for your enterprise

Moving to an orchestration platform like Kubernetes expends a lot of resources. However, for any business, you must extensively explore the risk and reward discussion before formulating a course of action. The idea of modernizing operations without proper consultation or research will trap you into an avoidable situation.

Formulate expected milestones for the applications you will be migrating onto the platform. It is also advisable to start small, uploading only the most relevant and ideal applications to Kubernetes and then scaling up.

Use a Kubernetes engine 

Deploying and managing your application with a Kubernetes engine has many benefits, some of which are below.

  • Ease of installation
  • On-call assistance
  • Automated operations

Plan and execute the development process

Not every application might be perfect for uploading onto Kubernetes. Therefore, you must identify the most ideal and then work to develop the application for it to conform with the prerequisites on the platform. Modifying the application can be as simple as updating a few lines of code, or sometimes, it might mean a complete overhaul of the application.

Some tools enable enterprises to deploy their applications quickly on the platform. With tools such as these, you can significantly reduce the average time taken to complete the planning and execution phase.

Rework or restructure software delivery channels

As you know, the CICD process is critical in any software operation. Therefore, the processes involved in regular integration and deployment are paramount to keeping your application working smoothly.

Containerization significantly streamlines the migration process. It helps to have continuous deployment for the application to excel in Kubernetes. The move to Kubernetes cuts down on the time and effort required to deploy and improve the application. Having properly outlined CI/CD streams will materialize the ambition.

Commercially managed platforms, automated platforms, and self-management

Your consistent stay and excellence on the Kubernetes platform will be dependent on how well you manage the application. Theoretically, being on the platform simplifies the process, but the system is far from perfect.

Kubernetes might be demanding to enterprises, especially if they are novices or beginners. In this case, enlisting the services of a commercial manager is a safe bet. Commercial managers might be just what you need to restructure your application to utilize the platform maximally.

Experience on the platform grants you access to less popular but highly efficient features you might have missed without aided guidance. Here is some information on what management can offer your enterprise.

Parting shot

Moving to a cloud-based containerization system might seem daunting, but it is inevitable. Kubernetes is the perfect tool for most, if not all, of the enterprises looking for the opportunity to modernize their operations and should therefore be embraced. However, care must be taken to prevent rushing into the process and producing half-baked products that prove ineffective in the consumer market.

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