The Best Fitness Tracker for Small Wrists

Fitness Tracker for Small Wrists

Fitness tracker have recently seen a surge in popularity, and for good reason. They enable you to keep tabs on your fitness in an organized and automated manner. After all, who has the time to manually record their workouts? These devices come in all shapes and sizes, from basic bands to sophisticated smartwatches. Which type you choose depends on how much info you’re willing to track and how concerned you are about keeping things simple. If you’re just getting started, we recommend starting small. On the other hand, if you’re the type who likes to have as many options as possible, check out our guide on the best fitness trackers.

What to Look for in a Fitness Tracker

What are the most important things to look for when buying a fitness tracker? When deciding which type of fitness tracker to purchase, there are three main considerations:

  • How much info will you be tracking?
  • Are you willing to keep it simple or do you want a lot of functions?
  • Do you want a wristband or smartwatch?

For those only looking to track their workouts and measure progress over time, some basic bands may suffice. These bands can monitor your heart rate and sleep patterns. If you’re looking for more in-depth data, then it might be best to invest in a smartwatch that can take more detailed measurements. Smartwatches usually have features such as GPS tracking, calorie counting, and heart rate monitoring. As far as size goes, if your wrists are small then wristbands may not work for you.

The best fitness tracker for small wrists is one that fits snugly on your wrist so that you can comfortably wear it all day long. Some people like the feel of wearing a band while others prefer the sophistication of a watch face. Decide what works best for you before purchasing!

Garmin Fitness Trackers

Garmin Fitness Trackers

Garmin has a variety of fitness trackers for small wrists. They offer the Vivofit, Vivosmart, and Vivomove wristbands, which are all sleek and lightweight. These devices come in a range of colors, are waterproof, and have been designed to be comfortable. All three Garmin devices measure steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, time exercised, and sleep quality. The Vivofit is simple enough that you can just check your progress with the device itself when it’s time to sync. The Vivosmart also offers a heart rate monitor and allows you to use the mobile app to set alarms or reminders.

The Vivomove is great for people who want an analog-style watch as well as a fitness tracker. It tracks steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, time exercised, and sleep quality; plus it has a stopwatch feature. The Vivomove watches include different faces: classic black face or white face with metal band; blue or pink face with silicone band; or silver face with leather band.

Fitbit Fitness Trackers

Fitbit Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers are great because they enable you to keep tabs on your fitness in an organized and automated manner. You can also share stats with friends and compete with them, which is a great motivator. The only downside is that the more features you want, the larger your tracker will be–which might not be ideal if you have small wrists.

Jawbone Fitness Tracker

Jawbone Fitness Trackers

Jawbone fitness trackers are among the most popular on the market. They have sleek, stylish designs that can be worn as either a bracelet or necklace. Jawbone has also done an excellent job at making their trackers easy to use. A simple button press will allow you to toggle through all of your data, from steps taken to heart rate.

One of the best individual features is the way Jawbone tracks sleep. It’s very accurate and makes it easy for you to see how long you slept for, how many times you woke up, and how much deep vs. light sleep you had throughout the night. If you’re more concerned about getting in shape than tracking your sleep patterns, Jawbone has a great fitness app that tracks all movements throughout the day (including walking and workouts).

As far as drawbacks go, there aren’t many. The only thing we noticed was that some users have a hard time syncing them with their phone if they have additional apps on it (like Gmail). However, this is only an issue if you don’t synchronize your account with one application exclusively.

Misfit Fitness Trackers

Misfit Fitness Trackers

The Misfit fitness tracker is a slim, minimalist wristband that tracks your activity and sleep. It’s waterproof and has a battery life of up to six months, so you don’t have to charge it every day. It also shows you how many steps you’ve taken, how far you’ve walked or ran, calories burned and hours slept. You can customize the band with different colors and styles and use the free Misfit app to create personal goals.

Misfit offers two other options: the Misfit Shine 2 (less than $50) and the Misfit Ray (less than $100). The Shine 2 is a little bulkier than the Misfit Flash but still sleek enough to wear every day. It doesn’t track sleep but does have a longer battery life at two weeks. The Ray is smaller, waterproof, swim-proof and an affordable option for those who just want their basic stats – steps, distance traveled, time spent active or inactive – without any extra bells or whistles.

Samsung Fitness Tracker

One of the most innovative and useful brands in the world is Samsung. They produce a wide range of products, including fitness trackers. Learn about the two different types, their features, and where to buy them below.

Samsung Fitness Trackers

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

The Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro is an excellent option for people who like to keep things simple. It’s small and compact which makes it easy to store on your wrist without feeling weighed down by it all day. The device offers plenty of features, including heart-rate tracking, GPS monitoring, sleep analysis, and automatic activity detection. There are also a plethora of third-party apps that you can download to get even more information about your body as well as specific workouts that you can use to train with more precision than ever before.

Customizable Options

If you like having many different customizable options at your fingertips then the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro may not be right for you. For those who want more flexibility when it comes to what they can track while they’re working out there is the Samsung Gear Sport ($199). This device comes with fitness metrics such as distance traveled and steps taken but also has other features like a rotating bezel so you can scroll through menus easily and water resistance up to 50 meters so you don’t have to worry about taking it off when it starts raining outside. You can also use this brand’s standalone app or sync it with your phone so that your workout data is automatically

Software-based or Hardware-based Fitness Trackers?

There are two main types of fitness trackers: software-based and hardware-based. Software-based trackers work by tracking your activity in a smartphone app, while hardware-based trackers have sensors that can collect data on your activity. If these numbers sound more appealing to you, then you might want to go with a hardware-based option.

Software-based trackers utilize the sensors in your phone to monitor your fitness routine. This means that accuracy is dependent on the quality of your phone’s sensors, as well as the amount of space they have dedicated to the task. Hardware-based devices, on the other hand, use their own sensors to monitor fitness routines, which means they will provide a more accurate reading than a software-only device.

Hardware-based devices are also better for those who want to wear their tracker at night or while swimming because they’re water resistant and won’t be affected by water damage like software-only devices.

In contrast, if you need additional features like sleep monitoring and heart rate monitoring, then a hardware-based device is going to be the best option for you since it has those features built into it already.

The Best Fitness Tracker for Small Wrists

If you’re looking for a fitness tracker but have small wrists, you should consider the Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band. It comes in two sizes and offers an excellent battery life of one year. The band is very comfortable and is made out of a soft silicone material that’s sweat resistant.

The Vivofit also has a dirt-resistant display, which makes it perfect for those who like to work out outside. This band automatically tracks your steps, distance traveled, and calories burned while also monitoring your sleep patterns. The app is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, it’s hard to say which type of fitness tracker is better. It largely depends on what you’re looking for in a device.

If you want something simple, we recommend a basic band. If you want something more advanced, we recommend a smartwatch. If you want something as close to perfect as possible, we recommend getting both!

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