The Best Intro Music for Podcasts

Intro Music

Podcast introduction music is the music that plays toward the start of a web recording and disappears progressively as the moderator begins to talk. It’s also known as music intro for podcasts. This introduction music resembles a sound logo. It is the mark sound that audience members will distinguish a specific digital broadcast. As it’s the main thing they’ll hear, it sets the state of mind and tone for the show.

It makes sense, hence, that on the off chance that you’ve chosen to make your own digital recording you need to set aside some effort to track down the right music.

The following are 3 speedy tips to assist you with picking the best music opener for your podcast scene or series:

1. Keep it short

An incredible digital broadcast introduction music can establish the appropriate vibe and get your audience members invigorated, expanding the expectation for what’s coming straightaway. Be that as it may, don’t transform expectation into “on hold” circumstance. Keep your webcast introduction under 30 seconds, in a perfect world near 10-15 sec.

2. Alter with care

The simplest method to make a melodic digital broadcast introduction is to take a tune and cut out an off 10-15 sec section. While this can work, it’s in every case better to utilize short podcast music tracks implied explicitly as introductions and outros.

That is particularly significant in case you’re hoping to make a conspicuous introduction and use it all through a web recording series. Pick the music that fits the length of your arranged introduction. In case you’re talking over the music, don’t make it excessively boisterous, so it doesn’t meddle with the voiceover.

3. Brain the tone

Think deliberately and match the music to the substance of your webcast (or brand). In particular, think if your target groups relate or get put off by the music decision.

Start by figuring what you’d like your audience members to feel when they hear the music. Consider three modifiers or “dispositions” to limit the style of music you need. For instance, “cheerful”, “playful”, and “energizing” or “miserable”, “testy”, and “contemplative”.

Oftentimes asked questions about podcast intros

How long should podcast intro music be?

The ability to focus on an advanced audience is famously short.

Consider your introduction a speedy advertisement or presentation for your webcast. Facebook went to the extent that suggesting that advertisements ought not to surpass 6 seconds. While a 6 seconds web recording wouldn’t bode well, the message here is clear: excessively long of an introduction can unquestionably cause your planned audience to lose concentration and move onto the following digital broadcast.

For the most part, we prescribe to keep the introductions somewhere in the range of 10 and 15 sec. Unquestionably not over 30 seconds. Use it to fabricate expectations, not to exhaust your audience.

Would I be able to use any song for my podcast intro?

As a rule, no. Except if you get express consent from the copyright proprietor (either the craftsman or the recording name) or permit music from a specific music library, you can’t utilize it.

Recall that intellectual property law applies to everybody, incorporating diversion webcasts with little crowds and no designs to adapt.

Where to get podcast intro music?

The most well-known decisions for music to use in digital recordings are:

1. Public Domain Music

After some time, copyright lapses and tunes and accounts become accessible for anybody to utilize uninhibitedly. Besides the melodies with terminated copyright, public area music incorporates the music under “no rights held” CC0 permit (that implies the creators waived their copyright and put the music in open space) and the music that never had copyrights (like people tunes, for instance).


It’s free, as in totally free and you can do in a real sense anything you need with the music.


The selection of styles and classes is very restricted. Except if you’re a major aficionado of mid-twentieth-century music, you might be baffled. The nature of more established accounts isn’t up to the present principles.

The intellectual property law isn’t generally direct and may contrast incredibly between nations.

At long last, regardless of whether the actual organization is in open space, the real recording of that work might be protected. That is usually the situation with jazz and traditional music.

2. Imaginative Commons Music

As indicated by Wikipedia, a Creative Commons (CC) permit is one of a few public copyright licenses that empower the free circulation of a generally protected work.

Despite the fact that inventive house music is allowed to download and allowed to use, there are ordinarily impediments that might influence how you can utilize the music in your digital broadcast.

Attribution is the most well-known limit. This implies that your podcast production should credit the performer with a specific goal in mind. Different impediments incorporate non-business use and offer the same (you should circulate your webcast under similar terms).

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