The Best Tips for Customer Journey Mapping on Your Website

Customer Journey

Did you know that about 74% of consumers are influenced by experiences when it comes to what they buy? This means that if you have a poor customer experience, you may actually be losing a lot of money.

Fortunately, you can use a customer journey map to help with this concern! A customer journey map is a tool that you can use to represent how your customers interact with your brand. Learning about what this journey looks like will be something you can use to your advantage as you work toward creating better customer experiences and discovering new branding opportunities.

Before you can reap all of those benefits, however, you have to begin the journey mapping process.

Keep reading as we give you the basic tips you need to get started.

Set the Targets First

Once you know what types of goals you have for your customers, you’ll be able to map out their journey much easier. Have a clear idea about how you can hit your targets and what sort of goals will help your business in the long run.

Think about why you are making the customer journey map in the first place, and consider the perspective of the map overall. Always keep the customer experience in mind, as well as your website design, to make sure it flows well.

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Create Buyer Personas

A buyer persona is a character that represents one of your brand’s customer segments. You need to consider their background, personality, preferences, lifestyle, and research or information sources.

To do this, you’ll want to conduct interviews, surveys, and other types of market research. This data will help you figure out how your customers tick. Your customer journey maps need to have buyer personas in mind for ideal website navigation and planning.

Identify Desires, Needs, and Motivations

It is crucial that you know why your customers need your products and how you can motivate them to reach the end goal of purchasing or using your company’s products or services. This information can come from research into the buyer persona, but it also comes from deeply considering what your brand is all about.

Think about how your brand’s message, values, and core mission aligns with the desires, needs, and motivations of the ideal customer. What motivates them to try new things, or what fears do they have related to the challenges they are facing? This will help you figure out how to encourage customers to reach the end goal.

Consider the Three Stages

A buyer’s journey will consist of three stages, including awareness, consideration, and decision.

In the first stage, the buyer is trying to figure out what challenges they have and whether or not it is a priority for them to deal with those challenges or not.

In the next stage, the buyer will start to look at ways they can handle those challenges, such as searching for more information, looking at available options, and more.

In the final stage, the buyer has their ideal solution in mind, so they are looking for the best product or service for their needs. You want that solution to be your business, so this is where you want to really sell the customer on “you” and your brand.

Start Journey Mapping for Your Customers Today

There is a lot of research involved in journey mapping, but it is well worth it once you see the results. You’ll be able to encourage your customers in ways that you couldn’t before with the right information at hand.

Don’t be afraid to update your customer journey map over time as well, especially when your brand and message are ready to adapt. If you liked this article, don’t stop here. Check out more of our business-related content next.

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