The best video streaming services for 2022

video streaming services

If we have learned anything from the recent global pandemic, it is the fact that no matter what calamity befalls humanity, our need for superb entertainment will remain unquenchable. It is not that streaming services were not popular before the epidemic, but the unique Coronavirus gave them a chance to show their mettle in the face of a worldwide economic downturn.

As a result, when other firms were failing due to a decline in customer base, content-streaming behemoths like Netflix as well as Amazon Prime enjoyed unprecedented increases in viewing and subscriptions. These services efficiently filled the hole left by shuttered movie theatres, delivering unique and new material to every subscriber household.

They have grown in popularity to the point where they are being heralded as the end of the traditional movie-going experience. Whether that prediction proves to be correct or not, one thing is certain: these streaming services are staying with us forever. With new platforms opening this year to compete with established heavyweights, we thought it would be a good time to compile our own list of the finest streaming services available right now.

However, to step into the world of streaming, you first need to ensure that you have a reliable internet connection and one that is easy on your wallet. Hence, many prominent internet service providers like Spectrum keep in mind these two very important preferences of the customers and come up with bundles and deals that can make their streaming experience worthwhile.

The service provides high-speed internet via a high-capacity network and can support multi-device streaming. You can obtain internet, TV, and phone services at low prices if you choose one of the Spectrum bundles. In addition, you will have access to free HD channels, a complimentary modem, and a free security suite.

Now that you are aware of the significance of a reliable and affordable internet connection, you are ready to explore the world of streaming. We will list some of the very famous streaming services or live TV streaming services in this article. We will explain why they are so popular and assist you in deciding which service to join up for if you want endless entertainment.

YouTube TV

YouTube was and continues to be one of the best free streaming platforms in great demand for a long time. It not only delivered a range of wonderful content for free to many smartphone users’ mobile displays, but it also let many creative people become producers in their own right by generating and sharing their own video content, allowing them to become celebrities overnight.

YouTube TV improves on this notion by requiring members to pay a small amount in exchange for access to their content free of advertisements. However, because that is not enough to entice users, YouTube recently started its own original video programming to compete with Netflix and Prime.

YouTube TV now offers over 85 channels in a single streaming platform, including sports, news, and entertainment programming. It allows you to save your favorite shows with limitless storage and gives you access to up to six accounts at once.


Netflix was the one that started it all, thus it had to be included in our list. Nobody could have predicted the revolution that Netflix was about to launch in terms of online entertainment streaming when it began to display licensed content. Its services enchanted many, and they became addicted to it. By 2021, Netflix will have a majority of the content generated in the USA alone.

It is also a big player in original content creation, collaborating with producers from all over the world. ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Stranger Things’ have already become pop-culture sensations, and their popularity has only grown.

Despite stiff competition from new and old companies who are bringing their A-game to the table, Netflix retains the upper hand as the creator of the streaming services we are aware of and use today.

Sling TV

Sling TV is a popular live TV streaming service that is both old and new. Its UI and channel selection aren’t particularly impressive. However, because it provides popular material at some of the lowest prices, the instrument has become a market stalwart.

The streaming service offers a variety of channels ranging from lifestyle, drama, and sports to news, all of which can be viewed in 4K resolution. Showtime, Starz, and a slew of other channels are among the benefits.

Apple TV +

Apple has already proven itself a hardware powerhouse. Therefore, it was only a matter of time until it entered the content streaming market. So far, the public has reacted positively to its foray into the uncanny valley. Apple TV+ is a fantastic streaming service at an affordable price.

You may share a single membership with up to five family members, and you can even download your favorite episodes to watch later. Apple TV Plus is already worth the money for this reason. However, it is still in need of improvement in the content category.

Despite bringing in huge names and producing some high-quality performances, none of them has received the same level of attention as shows on their competitor’s platform.

Hulu Plus Live TV

Hulu has done rather well in the streaming service battles, fighting toe-to-toe with behemoths like Amazon Prime and Netflix but also carving out a niche fan base of its thanks to its award-winning original programming.

Without a doubt, Hulu Plus is one of the best TV streaming services available right now. Hulu Plus goes even further by combining Hulu’s famous video library with 65+ channels.

What is there not to like about this? The service allows customers to view on several devices at the same time, as well as record their shows for up to 50 hours of storage.


Before the rise of streaming platforms, HBO was the epitome of high-quality grown-up entertainment. The network that brought us classics like ‘The Sopranos’ and ‘Game of Thrones’, has now entered the streaming realm.

You gain access to HBO original programming as well as ‘Warner Bros Studios’ and ‘DC Comics’ material with HBO Max. The year 2021 holds a lot of promise for the platform. With Zack Snyder’s highly anticipated Justice League set to hit theatres early next year, we should expect a significant increase in the service’s subscription base.

Acorn TV

Acorn TV illustrates that the United States is not the only location in the world with fantastic programming to offer. Acorn TV broadcasts some of the best drama, mystery, as well as comedy programming from the United Kingdom to people all over the world.

The shows are well received and ideal for binge-watching. Acorn, on the other hand, has a sloppy user interface, which is very distracting to look at and frustrating to use. However, the offer’s content quality is simply too good to pass up. Therefore, after you get over the clearly terrible interface, it is still a lot of fun to watch videos on.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV is an excellent live television streaming service with the goal of bringing as much entertainment as possible to its consumers’ homes. Its most basic subscription is packed with 160+ channels.

If you have a good Internet connection, you can watch live broadcasts of your favorite sports in high quality. Aside from the benefits listed above, the application also offers users the latest news about new shows that will be shown on a channel included in your bundle.


Showtime, after HBO, is the network that has made the most progress in terms of mature programming. The network has risen rapidly because of its original raw programming, which has received worldwide acclaim.

Showtime also offers a flawless streaming platform for its complete library of popular shows including ‘Dexter’, ‘Homeland’, and others. The streaming service has a clean design that is only enhanced by its library of high-quality movies and television shows.

 Amazon Prime TV

Prime can easily compete with Netflix and is even on the verge of dethroning Netflix as the new streaming monarch. Their gallery is likewise jam-packed with fantastic exhibits. When it comes to giving users the ability to select the content quality they want, Prime shines. Users can also get real-time information on the cast and team of the show they are viewing.

Final words

Content has never been easier to obtain thanks to streaming services. As a result, imagining a world without them is difficult. They may also obviate the need for movie theatres and cable networks. As a result, it has now become mandatory to sign up for one or more of the outstanding streaming services on this list.

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