The Best Way to Keep Your Motorbike Dust and Scratch-Free

Keep Your Motorbike Dust and Scratch-Free

Few feelings can compare to bringing home a beautiful, shiny new motorbike. Just looking at that bike makes your heart swell with pride and your soul long for a carefree ride. As you stand back and gaze lovingly at the bike’s pristine paint job, you know this relationship will last for years to come. Nothing can detract from this perfect moment. 

Then, reality returns in all its heartbreaking brutality. Suddenly, it occurs to you that any number of hazards can mar the bike’s currently unblemished finish. From rogue baseballs to pebbles that seem to materialize from nothing, danger lurks all around. What can you do? Is there any way to protect that beautiful bike from harm? Fortunately, the answer is yes.

Adhesive Graphics

One of the best ways to protect a motorcycle from dust and damage is to apply a Honda dirt bike graphics kit. These graphics kits cover the plastics and painted body parts of a bike. They’re designed to fit perfectly over the body parts of the bike, so nothing is left exposed to potential danger. Though the bike itself may take a beating, the adhesive decals receive the brunt of the damage. From there, they can simply be removed and replaced. 

An endless array of graphics kits is on the market. As such, you can easily find one that’s customized to not only the bike but your own style. Clear laminates are also available. Though they don’t change the looks of the bikes they’re applied to, they still provide a great deal of protection against the elements and other hazards. 

Proper Cleaning

Another way to safeguard a bike against unsightly damage is to take care when washing it. Spray the bike with water to help remove any grit from its surface before wiping it. Use a clean, soft cloth for cleaning as well. Keep in mind, dirt and debris on the bike or the cloth used for washing it can cause small scratches.

Some experts advise against using microfiber cloths. Though they offer ample cleaning power, some can damage automotive paint. For metal body parts, consider waxing to fill in any microscopic scratches and prevent further damage. Don’t use dish detergent for cleaning a bike. It could eat away at the paint’s protective coating over time, leaving it further exposed to the elements.

Use a Bike Cover

Using a bike cover will help protect against dirt buildup, fading, and other types of damage. Always keep the bike covered when it’s not in use. This can even be helpful if the bike is kept in a garage or other enclosed storage area. This simple step can keep your bike looking beautiful for much longer. 

Keeping Your Bike in Beautiful Condition

Danger is all around, but it doesn’t necessarily have to take a toll on your bike. That doesn’t mean you have to leave it parked in a garage never to be ridden, either. Dozens of cleaning tools and products are on the market to help keep bikes in pristine condition. Being sure to wash the bike carefully and keeping it covered when not in use will help as well. On top of all that, applying a graphics kit or clear laminate to the bike will provide further protection against all the possible hazards that could leave it looking worse for wear.  

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