The Evolution of Technology and Communication


There was a time when our ancestors only had a mouth and hands to communicate with each other. As the civilizations evolved, people back in that time got more resources to communicate with each other. There came a time when people started building huge forts and flags to signal their friends or enemies about something. Since all these objects were stationary, the message could only be seen upto a few kilometers. Though there were human messengers, but it took days for them to take the message to the recipient.

As we evolved further, pigeons and other animals were used for communication. But it must be noted that all these things had no certainty. It was not certain whether the message would reach to the receiver. Moreover, even if the message reached, it could days for the sender to receive a reply of the message sent.  It was a problematic and uncertain procedure until the advent of technology.

The Role of Technology in Communication

Ever since technology entered into the lives of people, it has only benefited them in many ways. We agree that there might be various disadvantages or cons of technology, but all of them are because of human mistakes. Hence the advantages or pros of technology always over power its disadvantages. Since we are speaking about the evolution of technology, we cannot dare to forget to discuss it rise.

Initially when technology was new, we had products that were not much helpful to the mankind. For example, to store a few KBs of data digitally, technicians had to build huge computers. Carrying those computers was itself a task since a separate transport was used to shift them. Also, if we talk about mobile phones, they were rare.

Either only rich had them r government agencies. In general, very few people had landlines which they used to call their friends and relatives. Let us remind you, that time both incoming and outgoing calls were chargeable. Hence, people did not talk to their friends or family for a longer duration. But if we talk about the present situation, everything has changes significantly.

The Present!

If we talk about the present use or role of technology in communication, there is hardly anything that needs to be told. These days almost everyone has to technology. Thus technology has made it very easy for the mankind to converse or communicate with each other despite of thousands of kilometers. The best way to explain this is by taking a few examples.

Social Media Applications

Social Media applications are perhaps the best creation of technology. These applications have not just made it easy for the users to communicate with each other, they also users to perform different activities using their social media account. If you have a single or multiple accounts in social media applications like Facebook App, Connect App, Instagram App, etc., you must have realized something common.

All these applications enjoy millions of users daily without fail. It is because of these applications people are able to communicate with their family and friends who are living at far of places. Moreover it offers so many amazing features. People can entertain themselves with these applications, play games on them for free, watch movies and most importantly reduce stress from their mind.

The Disadvantages of Social Media

However, just like everything, these applications also have certain disadvantages. These applications are becoming one of the major causes of social media addiction. Students who are in schools or colleges are spending long hours on these applications. If it would have been for study purposes, there was no problem. But these youngsters are busy watching funny videos and playing games.

It has become a matter for concern. However we cannot blame everything on these applications. It is a collective responsibility that everyone must understand. Do you know that most of the young aspirants get their jobs only because of these applications? Not just job, rather they are able to get their dream jobs. These applications allow companies and individuals to create an account all for free.

Now moving back to the communication part, imagine a case when a messenger had to inform the king of a possible attack on the kingdom. What would have been the case back in earlier ages? He would have either ran for kilometers or would have come on an animal. But what if the enemy was much faster than the messenger? It would only result in mayhem.

However, if there would have been social media applications, the messenger would have simply video called the rulers and showed him the enemies from a safe corner. Though all these things might seem funny to read, in reality these all are the advantages of social media applications that many people often fail to recognize.

Satellites and Their Importance

Talking about technology and communication, how can we forget the importance of satellites? These satellites are the only reason you are reading this article using a mobile phone or laptop. If it would not have been for the satellites, using internet would have been completely impossible. Moreover, these satellites also keep us protected from asteroids. Isn’t it astonishing?

Satellites signal the scientists living on Earth about a possible asteroid attack. These satellites measure the accurate distance of the asteroid from the Earth and communicate the same to the scientists. This is the power of technology.

It is never enough to speak of technology and its role in communication. It won’t be wrong to say that it is only because of technology that we are able to communicate with others. Technology has connected the world through different means including Social media applications, websites, etc. Now, people can share their emotions with the world, share their opinions on important matters and communicate with anyone who has access to internet.

Wrapping Up!

This article explains the role of technology in communication. We tried to explain evolution of technology and communication. Right from the time when had no means to communicate to the time when people have all means to communicate, technology has changed a lot.

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