The Importance of Fertilizer for Your Cannabis Grow

Fertilizer for Your Cannabis

Cannabis, like any other plant, needs nutrients to help it grow strong. When growing cannabis, the goal of growers is to harvest as many buds as possible. When cannabis plants receive nutrients, they grow larger and produce more buds. Learning the reasons for using fertilizer and the necessary nutrients helps new growers improve their harvests. 

Reasons for Fertilizing Cannabis

Fertilizing cannabis is essential for many reasons. Learning about fertilizer for your marijuana plants will help you select the right combination. The following offers some reasons cannabis growers should fertilize their plants. 

  • Plants that do not receive ample nutrients are more likely to experience diseases that can cause reduced bud growth and cause eventual plant death. 
  • When cannabis receives nutrients, it grows much larger plants and flowers more efficiently. 
  • Another reason for fertilizing cannabis is that it allows cannabis plants to adapt to changing environments. 
  • Fertilizers also protect the soil from nutrient loss that can cause future crops to suffer from malnutrition. 

Which Fertilizers Are Beneficial for Cannabis?

Knowing the reasons for fertilizing is almost as essential as understanding which ones to use. When growing cannabis, having the proper nutrients is vital for healthy development. The following are some of the top fertilizer nutrients every cannabis grower needs to use. 

  • Nitrogen is one of the essential nutrients necessary for healthy cannabis growth. This nutrient is especially vital during the vegetative stage. Without nitrogen, a plant cannot create energy, and it will die. 
  • Phosphorous is another critical nutrient for cannabis growth. This nutrient is essential for bud growth. If a cannabis plant is lacking phosphorous, the buds will be much smaller and fewer in number. 
  • Cannabis plants also need potassium. Potassium is necessary for a process called osmoregulation. Potassium helps with this process by controlling the opening and closing of the stomata, which are the pores inside the leaves. 
  • Without calcium, cannabis plants will not have strong cellular walls, and they will suffer damage. A lack of calcium will also lead to stunted growth and curled leaves. 
  • Cannabis growers should also give their plants magnesium. Magnesium is a necessary nutrient in chlorophyll. Without chlorophyll, plants cannot use glucose from the process of photosynthesis. 

During the vegetative stage, growers need to use a fertilizer with a higher concentration of nitrogen. The fertilizer should be low in phosphorous and moderate in potassium. Because the needs of the plant change with each stage of growth, growers must ensure they make changes as necessary. 

When purchasing fertilizer, it is possible to find a solution that helps with increased bud growth. These are administered during the flowering stage to prompt cannabis plants to grow abundant buds. 

The last week of growth before harvesting only requires water.  Giving only water is a process called flushing and is essential for removing any residual nutrients leftover from the fertilizer. Flushing will ensure a clean burn when using cannabis. 

Growing Cannabis With Fertilizers Leads to Healthier and More Substantial Growth

Cannabis growers who want to experience substantial and healthy growth need to use the correct fertilizer ratios. Ensuring the mixture has nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium is critical for healthy growth. 

Some fertilizers are made specifically for cannabis plants. While these are unnecessary for healthy cannabis growth, they do ensure the proper ratio and ingredients. 

Fertilizer offers a larger harvest and resistance to some types of diseases. With fertilizer, even new growers will find success with their plant growth. 

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