The Important Role of Jockey Wheels

Jockey Wheels

Jockey wheels are pieces of equipment for your caravan or your trailer. If your trailer is unhitched, jockey wheels help maintain the stability of loading your trailer. The wheels help in levelling the caravan or the trailer. The jockey wheels generally fall into two different categories – smooth jockey wheels and ribbed jockey wheels. Let us now discuss some of the important roles of jockey wheels in this article.

Functions of Jockey Wheels

We have mentioned the importance of jockey wheels below. Please go through them to understand how jockey wheels work and why they are so essential.

The Function of The Smooth Jockey Wheels

The smooth jockey wheels will be useful if you use a light commercial trailer. Some jockey wheels are capable enough to carry a load of 60 kg. But if the clamp is not tightened securely, the shaft may slip, resulting in a collapse of the trailer. This may lead to severe damage to the entire trailer. To avoid this mishap, use the right jockey wheel and the right clamp and tighten the clamp properly.

Roles Of The Ribbed Jockey Wheels

Ribbed jockey wheels, also known as serrated jockey wheels, are locked into the clamp to prevent sliding when towing or loading your trailer. This type of jockey wheel is perfect for heavy load trailers and can load up to 3500 kg weight. When using the retractable wheel, you should consider the close and the open size, which is also helpful for knowing the lift range. When buying jockey wheels, ensure that you go to the most reliable provider.

Functions Of The Spares And Clamp

For your smooth jockey wheel, you will require a jockey wheel clamp. The pressed steel jockey wheel clamps are suitable for lighter loads of trailers. On the other hand, the cast steel jockey wheel clamps are used for heavy loads.

Besides clamps, jockey wheel spares are also required for the smooth functioning of the trailer. The spares may include clamping handles, pads, wheel knobs, and manoeuvring handles. When purchasing the jockey wheel spares, you should make sure that you know the name of the brand and the model so that the coupling activities get a bit easier. This will ensure that you have selected the right spares for the jockey wheel.

Steel Wheels Are The Best

When you doubt selecting the jockey wheels, you should go for the steel wheels. They are stronger than alloy wheels and can stand heavy loads. They are the most inexpensive ones and are also durable. Each wheel is priced at $50 and is great in a standing winter climate. These wheels are generally used in heavy and hard-working vehicles.

Select the Right Jockey Wheel

When you are selecting the jockey wheel, you should keep the diameter of your trailer in mind. You should also ensure whether you require a light or heavy load trailer. The clamps and the spares are also decided accordingly. Your trailer will perform the best function when you choose the right jockey wheel.


Jockey wheels play a very important role in loading or towing your trailer. When you select your jockey wheels, you should know your trailer’s diameter and loading capacity. Your trailer will provide the best function when the clamps, spares, and jockey wheels work together.

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