The Interview: What to Say and What to Leave out

tips to pass the interview

When we sit for an interview, we often get cold feet. We tend to fumble while speaking or sometimes we get blank too. Here are tips to pass the interview with a positive impression.

If you are a first-time interview candidate then you can follow basics tips to start the process. But as you keep on giving interviews you will know what to say and what to leave out.

Here are few points that can help you in the process.

What is the importance of an interview?

An interview is a process to get a job. The length of the process differs, but the utility is the same. We need to follow some basic tips to qualify for an interview.

Here are what exactly to say when you are in an interview.

Don’t panic

The first and the foremost advice to all the candidates who are going to sit for an interview is that don’t panic. An interview is the opportunity to achieve heights.

If you panic before the process then it may happen that you won’t be able to deliver the best of yourself. If you don’t cater to the best of your capabilities due to panic then nothing worse than that.

Don’t over or under-perform in the process. Both can degrade your quality interview. When we panic, we tend to blurt out the wrong details.

Raise the right question

When you are asked whether you have any query for the query, you can impress them by asking the appropriate question in the interest of the company. Yes!To ask a question you have to do a certain amount of research work.

If you don’t do enough research then you will be left with a blank face when you will be questioned on this. If you research well then you can ask different questions related to the previous or upcoming projects of the company.

If the question hits the right concern of the company then that is a huge positive side of the company.

Brief them of the skills

Whenever we talk about ourselves to mention your skills that will be used for the betterment of the company. Although it is there in your resume, still it will be highlighted if you say it loud.

If you can say how much relevant is the topic with the concerned designation, then the interviewer will have clarity in his thought about you.

Showcase your passion

The interviewer wants a person who is not only eligible but also enough passionate for the role. If the candidate is not enough passionate about the role then the interviewer will think twice before him or her.

Do show your passion while you speak for the role. Brief about why and how passionate you are about the role. Why should the interviewer hire you instead of others?

There has to be something unique in you that will impress the interviewer to hire you for the role out of so many others.

To assure the interviewer that you will support the company in the need of the hour.

Statement on negative aspects

When you will be asked about the negative aspects of your work you have to be true. You cannot be good at all things.

You can lag in certain fields. There you need to make sure that you assure the interviewer that you will improve yourself to do good in life.

If the interviewer observes the passion in you then your negatives will overpower the positive. The interviewer will want you to associate yourself with the organization.

End on a polite note

When you end an interview make sure you end it with a courtesy conclusion. Express gratitude for the opportunity they have provided to you.

There are few other tips for you to follow

  • Do highlight your experiences.
  • Do mention that you work with a plan to be clear of the work and how long it will require to complete it.
  • You want to build the career of the company as well as yourself. You are not providing charity to any company. So be polite but confident of your intentions.
  • You can ask what future visions they have for the company.
  • Do gather other necessary information about the company if you can.
  • Do talk about your salary expectations instead of being underconfident. This is a crucial topic to be discussed as you will not work for free. If you feel you are being paid less, do politely put your point across if you have clarity in this matter.

There are few points that you need to leave out in an interview.


This acts as a curse when you speak in an interview. If you are over or underconfident it ruins your scope for the role.

If you behave that you know it all, then it curbs the possibility for your growth in the company. So, don’t try to brag about your qualities to impress them. Even you are preparing to join the USMLE Step 2 CK course then no need to show over-confidence.

Don’t go mugging up your answers to blurt out in proper situations. It is better to be polite and honest with your answer as it connects more to the interviewer.

Don’t bad mouth

Don’t bad mouth about any aspect of your life in the interview. If the interviewer senses that you are a back bitcher then he or she will not like to see you as their employee.

If you are an experienced candidate then don’t tell them that you have experienced a bad office atmosphere or boss in your previous company. Do give positive reasons like you wanted your growth which is why you have changed your company.

Don’t go clueless

Don’t visit a company interview without knowing anything about them. Do have at least a basic research of what they do and why they do what they do.

What will be your role in the company? How can that help you grow in your life?

If you cannot talk anything about their company then it will be a very scary impression that you can cater.

Don’t over or under-estimate yourself

If you tell the interviewer that you can do whatever it takes to get into the company it is a very desperate attempt. You need to be passionate, not desperate as it is a very negative approach.

You should be demarcated to your field only. It is foolish to commit to doing anything to impress the boss. If you over-estimate yourself, then it will negatively impact your interview.

If you say that you don’t have much experience then you are underestimating yourself which is not good too. This means you allowing them to reject you.

Instead, you can highlight why should they hire you.

If you represent a positive and confident attitude then it will be reflected in the interview as well.


These tips to pass the interview are highly beneficial if you can follow them accordingly. Generally, tough questions are not asked in interviews.

The interviewer makes sure that you know well about the field you are in or going to venture into. If they feel you are not doing justice, then your work is to prove them wrong and thus the worthy get the job.

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