The perfect beach towel to match your favourite pet

Dog Towel

Are you looking for a dog towel at the beaches, beside the pool, or after a wash for your pup? Get an insight into the multifaceted benefits of beach towels that come with various benefits and dry your dog in style.

Your favourite pup will enjoy sprinting out of the surf and napping on the dog beach towel. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about dragging the entire ocean home with you because current dog towels are designed to be highly absorbent, keeping your dog dry on the journey home.

Among the most commonly used beach towels for dogs, the microfibre towel is one of the most regularly used dog towels on beaches. The reasons for their demand include their lightweight and absorbance. Besides, they are extremely easy to wash and are thus ideal for drying your furry pet. They are perfect for drying off around the pool, at the beach, or even after bath time! Beach towels for dogs are available in various sizes and come with their own pockets, making them ideal for on-the-go snoots. Modern-day beach towels for your pet can be customized and printed with your pet’s photo and name on one side. They are Australian-made and find extensive demand in and across Sydney. They undoubtedly give your puppy a signature look.

Characteristics of Beach Towels for dogs

Such towels have numerous benefits, making them a preferred choice for pet lovers in and around Australia. Some of the most highlighting characteristics associated with these towels are:

  • They are available in various sizes and colours to suit your preferences.
  • The front is plush velour, while the back is made of loop terry.
  • They have a fibre-reactive print that is resistant to the sun. They will not fade or bleed, despite their brilliant hues.
  • They’re pretty light, making them easy to transport. You can keep one in your car or pack one in your dog’s beach tote because they fold up into a compact, handy pouch.
  • They assist you in keeping your pet warm and comfortable.
  • Multipurpose – Ideal for the beach, pool, and other outdoor activities. Lightweight and absorbent on the reverse side, this towel will swiftly dry you.
  • They have a smooth finish and excellent absorbency and are constructed of immaculate fabric that meets excellent standards and dries 4-5 times faster than an ordinary cotton towel.
  • They are suitable for any dog and can be rolled and brought to any location; they are also odour resistant.

Why the Microfibre dog towels have precedence over ordinary cotton ones?

Microfibre towels are preferred over cotton towels for dogs because they are less likely to catch the fur. This helps your dog rest during the drying process. Microfibre dog towels are also much more absorbent than cotton towels, making them ideal for dogs with long coats or multiple coats! Microfibre dog towels are proudly made by skilled workers who are aware of animal welfare and take utmost care in adhering to the quality standards. These towels come in a stylish and functional range and are adapted for dogs who love the sun, sand, and caravan. These towels have no loops in their fabric, and there is no chance of sand or seaweeds sticking to them. They are also much softer than the conventional cotton dog beach towels. The preceding reasons explain why the modern-day dog towels come in microfiber rather than cotton fabric. These specialized towels keep the sand at the beach. Their impeccable qualities encompass Quick-drying, silky soft fabric, compactness, and much more. They are ideal for dogs with a propensity to visit beaches alongside you.

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