The Reason Online Music Production Is Catching On

The #1 Reason Online Music Production Is Catching On

It seems that no type of business is off limits to the online model. These days, you can order restaurant food from your phone and have it delivered to your door. You can visit with your doctor online by way of video chat. Even the music industry is warming up to the online model in everything from recording to producing.

Online music production is especially attractive to writers, arrangers, and musicians. If you want to know why that is, here is the number one reason: access.

The online world opens access to so many opportunities. And by the way, this isn’t exclusive to music production. Even something as simple as shopping online becomes a much broader exercise because consumers have access to so many more options.

The Local Recording Studio

Prior to online music production, artists who could not afford to work with nationally known recording studios had to settle for local studios in their own hometowns. These local studios offer a valuable service that artists need. But the reality is that they don’t have access to the industry’s top talent.

The best producers in the business do not have time in their schedules to work on projects at smaller, local recording studios. The same goes for arrangers, lyricists, musicians, and vocalists. So unless a local act is so good that it demands the attention of the big boys, they need to be content with the best local talent they can find.

Access Through Online Collaboration

The online model changes things by changing the way people collaborate. Supreme Tracks, an online recording studio based in New York City, is a prime example. Their online music production services are second to none thanks to their ability to collaborate over the internet.

Supreme Tracks does operate a physical recording studio. They handpick the finest New York-based studio musicians to work on their projects. But if they are interested in having nationally known artists contribute to a project, they can do so by collaborating online.

Online collaboration allows the studio to work with the best in the business regardless of where those people might be located. Everyone from musicians to producers can contribute to a project without ever having to travel to New York. The net result is that Supreme Tracks and its customers have greater access to the talent they need to create the project they want.

More Efficient, Less Costly

Online music production offers two additional benefits above and beyond access to talent: greater efficiency and more manageable costs. To grasp these two things, you really need to compare working with a studio like Supreme Tracks against bringing all the industry’s top talent to your own local studio.

Pick your favorite lead guitarist. If you want them to travel to your hometown to collaborate on your project, you will pay a pretty penny. You would have to pay for the artist’s time, travel, and accommodations. You would also have to coordinate schedules.

Your costs would be lower with online music production because the artist does not have to travel. They record locally and send the audio to the online studio. You get the same musician and recorded part at a fraction of the cost and in a more efficient manner.

Online music production is not yet the norm. But it is catching on among all sorts of artists. They are discovering that the online model fosters efficiency, collaboration, and creativity to give life to their projects without costing a small fortune. It goes without saying that online music production is changing the way artists do business.

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